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By Michael Amakor

The world of boxing witnessed the Coronation of an Emperor heralding the return of the division. The crown is now perrsonified by WBA Champion Jean Marc Mormeck who displayed fearsome punching power backing up “Big Truck” Wayne Braithwaite thoroughly brutalizing him over twelve rounds to seize his WBC belt. By that feat he has become the first Unified Cruiserweight Champion of the world since 1988.

The first hint of trouble was during the ringside introductions when Mormeck removed his robe to reveal the chiseled physique of a body builder. Wayne ignored his stare down during the first part of the introductions, and when he looked up after the referee had them remove their shirts, Mormeck was already warming up for the round by bouncing on his feet revealing deep conditioning.

Big Truck pulled the trigger right away taking the first three rounds by tagging Jean Marc repeatedly with straight jabs and a hellecious body attack aimed at breaking down his opponents will. Mormeck showed us his resilience and began to counter back with hard shots of his own forcing Braithwaite to retreat in circles trying to keep the fight in the center of the ring.

By round five, Mormeck seemingly began to take control of the fight as his power began to be an overbearing factor as he effectively began to pressure Wayne back into ropes flailing away with hard power shots that shook Wayne to the bone. This forced Wayne to hold on for dear life that earned him a warning from the ref for holding as he tried to regain his scattered wits and comprehend the indomitable force in front of him.

He regained his senses in sixth and went wild unloading some digging body shots knowing in his heart that he had to slow down the Mormeck Express who simply took another breather and retaliated furiously as he tried to pull back.

Wayne tried this tactic again in the seventh delivering more hard shots to the body, and everything seemed to be going well until the referee got into the mix seperating both fighters twice delivering an unnecessary warning to Wayne as he did so.

This brief episode momentarily distracted Wayne as Mormeck sprung forward from behind the referee to hit him with more power shots before finally catching him with an overhead right that sent him crashing down to the canvas for the first time in his professional career. He beat the count easily and managed to survive the round.

In round eight, the referee docked Wayne a point for holding and backed away leaving him off guard as Mormeck leapt in again but this time Braitwaite spun out of the trap and unleashed a staccato flurry of 26 unanswered punches that had the fans in the crowd jumping for joy. Mormeck absorbed this tremendous barrage and countered with straight rights that once again had the Big Truck in reverse.

The action slowed down considerable from the ninth round on as Mormeck relaxed and began to use lateral movement and an accurate jab that caught Wayne anytime he tried to come in. Wayne showed his tremendous championship heart as he withstood more punishment from the extremely heavy handed Mormeck eventually making it to the final bell.

Showing true sportsmanship a low keyed Mormeck told Wayne to forget about all the antics outside the ring and Wayne was a complete gentleman in response knowing in his heart that he had done his best but simply could not stop the indomitable power of Mormeck that night. He demanded a rematch and promised fight fans he would make a comeback, we hope so Wayne,

All Hail the new King Jean Marc Mormeck


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