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December 2012 Editorial

In November, the airwaves were once again filled by news about Hector “Macho” Camacho, only this time it wasn’t news to be amused about, this time they Grim Reaper had come calling again. This time Hector Camacho had been shot and eventually lingered for several days brain dead in hospital before the plug was finally pulled on him ending a life spent entertaining his fans and the boxing community with his antics both in and out of the ring. Who can ever forget his headgear, his outfits, his stage entrances, his many brushes with the law, his peccadilloes or his high speed car crashes in a fast paced life and career that saw him amass an amazing record of 76-9-3, 38 ko’s which included memorable bouts against boxing’s elite fighters. RIP Macho Camacho – We will never forget you!. In another event already hardwired into our consciousness, Marquez nearly killed Pacquaio in his shocking knockout destruction of Pacquaio in the final minutes of the 6th rd in their 4th fight, emphatically securing a win that had been denied him via debatable decisions in three previous engagements with the Pacman. Vindication at Last, but not so fast, there is talk of a fivelogy, Stay Tuned. By Michael Amakor on 12/22/12.


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