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Chronicles of Amakor – Last Quarter of 2011

Chronicles of Amakor – Last Quarter of 2011

With less than forty days to 2012 some people may already have chosen their nominees for fights and etcetera of the year, but hold off just yet, because there are so many exciting scheduled fights during this short period of time, you wonder why anyone would say boxing is dying.

First up Miguel Cotto gets the chance to avenge his loss to Margarito in NYC, Kirmit Cintron might upset Saul Alvarez to become champion.

Danny Green may regain a cruiserweight title.

Agbeko gets a second chance against Abner Mares.

Lamont Peterson might decide its time to embarass Amir Khan before US Congressmen in Washington DC, and

Jean Marc Mormeck gets one big shot at nothing else but the Heavyweight title against Wladimir Klitchko, just imagine the pandomonium in the heavyweight division if he wins.

Andre Ward and Carl Froch fight for 168 pound supremacy in a guaranteed firefight.

And last by not least Jermain Taylor and Andre Dirrell makes a comeback after 26 months against Jesse Nicklow and Darryl Cunningham on December 30.

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