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October 30 Editorial

October 30 Editorial

The world of boxing is mourning the sudden death of Emmanuel “Manny” Steward the famed head coach at the world renowned Kronk gym in Detroit and the trainer of numerous current and former world champions including Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, and Wladimir Klitchko to name a few. He also served as a regular HBO ringside commentator and always impressed the viewing audience with his insight about they fights they were watching. Boxing also mourns his passing because he was considered one of the last of a dying breed of old school trainers in boxing, with no visible successor or protégé in sight. Personally I hold him responsible for bequeathing us with the legacy of Wladimir Klitchko the current IBF/IBO/WBO champion who has been lack lustre in the ring but has been so well trained by Manny that he has managed to go undefeated since 2004, and his unexciting reign is likely to continue for the foreseeable future with Manny’s past instructions still ringing in his head as he methodically takes apart his next opponent. RIP MANNY – 10/30/12 – Michael Amakor


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