Posted by Don Smith on Aug 13, 2015
Death Threat, All-Tim Fighter List, Boxing News

Death Threat, All-Tim Fighter List, Boxing News

Arizona Boxing News & Notes With Don Smith:

Boxing Fans, I thought it would be wise and prudent to inform and share the fact that I received a death threat on August 4, 2015 from Arthur Silver via telephone. In his terrifying message, he informed me that he was coming over to my house to put a knife din my head. Arthur lives approximately 30 miles from my simple dwelling and he owns and drives two vehicles, so 30 miles is nothing.

I have received threats before, but none so specific and menacing. Silver has a deep history of drug and alcohol related abuse issues that have forced him to seek treatment numerous times.

As for the threat, I picked up the phone at 8:07 PM after stepping out of the shower. Silver delivered his message, hung up and called three more times to utter the same eerie words promising to end my life. I recognized the voice, it was Arthur Silver each time.

I live in a back house behind the home of a disabled woman who has serious health issues, so my immediate concern was to protect her. I Told Mr. Silver, if he continued to call and harass me I would call the Phoenix Police Department. He did and I did. I also called friends and gave them Arthur’s name and telephone number plus details of his threats. They said they would back me up if something happened; none of them came over to hold my hand.

At approximately 11:30 PM (more than 3 hours after the last threat) a police officer from Squaw Peak Precinct arrived and filed a report. I didn’t ask the lone police officer what took him so long, but perhaps I should have.

Who is Arthur Silver? Arthur used to be part-owner of Blue Corner Boxing in Chandler, Arizona. He had a falling out with the since deceased Rick Burns (other owner) and Silver left boxing, but would keep in touch via telephone. He lives in San Tan, Arizona and I don’t drive so we rarely saw each other even though he threw out a few invites.

8-10 months ago, he called and invited me to a local casino to watch a show. I didn’t want to go, but he needed to talk to someone, so I reluctantly said okay and he picked me up and we were headed East and then West and then East again and finally West again. He began agitated and confused. I suggested we call someone to ask for directions. The idea of calling for directions set him off and he began pressing the gas pedal until his vehicle reached speeds close to 100 miles per hour while he began pounding the roof of his car, dashboard and side window of his car. He was weaving in and out of traffic and finally I summoned enough courage to calmly asking him to take me back at least near my home; to my surprise he did.

Several weeks later, he called and apologized and months later he called to ask if I would like to watch the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight at his house and I politely told him I had other plans. He seemed upset at my rejection, but he didn’t explode like he did on our memorable freeway trip that could have been a scripted action scene from one of the Fast and Furious movies.

I didn’t hear from Mr. Silver again until his infamous call on August 4 and I hope I made the right decision. The moral of the story is to react properly and I think I did. Police authorities haven’t contacted me since the incident was reported, but I plan to prosecute if asked to in a court of law; what a scary night. I hope recalling the experience doesn’t give ideas to my most ardent column critics.

All Time List: At the request of several fans, I have decided to list my all-time “best” fighter list; but in no particular preferential order. The criteria for making the list is fighters I have seen on film, Television, PPV or Live. It isn’t an exact science; so you may think I missed the boat on a few picks and there are a number of Greats I have never seen in the ring. Here are my ten picks followed by honorable mention pugilists who deserve a golden sombrero for their efforts, as well. I left off Michael Carbajal and Louie Espinoza (World Champions from Arizona) off both lists because I didn’t want my readers to see their possible picks as biased selections. I have enough enemies as is!

1-10: Mohammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Ricardo “Finito” Lopez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Salvador Sanchez, Sugar Ray Robinson and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Honorable Mention 1-10: Thomas Hearns, Manny Pacquiao, Flash Elorde, Roberto Duran, Arturo Gatti, Ken Norton, Oscar De La Hoya, Carmen Basilio, Aaron Pryor and Alexis Arguello.


Update: Keenan Carbajal remains on the We Ko Pa a Resort & Conference Card on August 15 , but his new opponent is Jose Silveria (15-15) who replaces a scratched foe with a 2-13 record. What a difference a day makes…. Local boxers Mario Esparza (4-0-1) and Emmanuel Nieves (4-0) are out of work and looking for ring gigs. Mario is hoping to lend his running skills to help raise money to fight cancer which is very commendable.

Williams Farewell: Richard Williams, long-time mentor in combative sports called to invite me to his last show on October 17 in Camp Verde, Arizona. Richard is about to reach the big 50 in years lived and he wants to spend more time with his grandkids and pursuing other interests like becoming an inspector for the Arizona Boxing Commission which holds a meeting on Monday September 14. It will be sad to see his Golden Cobra Fitness Center close (if it does), but he has mentored hundreds of youth and the majority of them went on to become outstanding adults. Thank you Richard and you deserve a standing amen for your effort!

Comments: Sorry for not mentioning that referee Tony Weeks appeared in the Southpaw movie as himself. Speaking of the film, I was one of the few critics to give the flick a better than average rating. I thought the acting was top notch and the film score was memorable; expect to cry…Several readers agreed with my suggestion that something needed to be done with ring etiquette regarding writers and camera personnel covering fight events. Announcement expected soon possible ring rules concerning press credentials and who is issues passes and what to do with cameraman who block view of paying boxing fans who have to watch events through the rear end of some pretty beefy camera personnel….there is no truth to the rumor that I soften my reviews when I watch Iron Boy Promotion shows. I do applaud IBP for bringing in upside talent from other states and I like to watch local talent, but dipping into a another pool of talent is good for the fans……Another pat on the back goes to the Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission for recognizing that fans don’t care to pay good money to watch mismatches and the conspiracy doesn’t help the fighters future……..I wish the AZ Boxing & MMA Commission would take time to email or telephone journalists and members of the media when a monthly Commission is canceled or moved; it would be more professional and amicable. …Arizona Amateur male boxers seeking to compete in the Olympics have until August 31, 2015 at 5:00 PM (Mountain Time to register. The Elite Men Trials will be held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, September 5-12. Women hoping to compete have the same time frame to register and their trials will be held in Baltimore, MD., August 6-11. If you have any questions, contact USA Boxing Arizona.

Boxing News: Sorry, we couldn’t confirm if 29 year old former NABF Super Middleweight Champion Jesus “El Martillo” Gonzales is making a comeback. He hasn’t fought professionally since his devastating knockout at the hands of Adonis Stevenson in 2012. He has done some sparring in recent months, but where will he be allowed to fight due to questionable medical issues. According to several state Boxing Commissions, he can’t pass an MRI test, so that rules him ineligible to fight in several American states. He fight be able pass less stringent medical requirements in Arizona, Mexico, Canada and Indian reservations…..Busted Knuckle Gym has moved to Tempe, Arizona on University Drive. Professionals Luis   Oliveras and Trevor McCumby continue to train with the Vier Brothers (Al & Wayne). I called Busted Knuckle and no one wanted to talk to this fair minded veteran reporter, strange.. Amateur Standout Eben Vargas has been sparring with Mario Esparza (Fight Hard Promotions) Victor and Carlos Castro at local gyms around Phoenix in his quest to make the 2016 USA Olympic Boxing Team. Former NABF lightweight champion Ray Beltran is training Vargas at Busted Knuckle Boxing in Tempe. Good luck to Eben and other Arizona kids trying to live the Olympic Dream.

Ringside Pub & Grub: Abel Hurtado , owner of Ringside Pub & Grub, 2030 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix passed me his business while I was attending a boxing show in Phoenix and although he didn’t personally invite me to visit his small, but intimate Pub & Grub establishment, I did drop-in on August 8 and sip a glass of iced tea (not Long Island) and chat with Abel while looking the sports bar over. I was told RP&G accommodates 50 patrons and there are 15 tables available and the family owned business is open Tuesday – Sunday from noon until 10 PM on weekdays and the doors don’t close until midnight don weekends.

The decorum is boxing themed , simulated ropes adorn the walls and the servers are dressed as ring girls (bikini clad) and the menu items are listed in ringside terminology; for example; The Right Cross, T.K.O., Head-Butt, The Knockout, The Low Blow, The Body Shot, etc. The cuisine ranges from American, Mexican to Asian. I didn’t eat, but I did read a multitude of positive reviews over the internet which graded the offered munchies as finger licking good and affordable. The bar serves beer, wine and liqjuor.

Abel is a serious boxing fan who graduated from Arizona State University with an engineering degree, but decided to follow his first love before entering the world of Aerospace. He opened his Pub & Grub establishment towards the end of May of 2015 and feels very comfortable with the decision he made. Patrons will feel comfortable sharing time with Abel and his congenial staff.

Ringside has five televisions available and the James Toney fight will be shown this Friday (8/14) free of charge. Happy hour is Tuesday- Friday 3-6 PM and the number of ring girls increases on weekends from 2-4 and if you have any more questions, dial 602-358-9989 or send an email to: [email protected]

More Boxing News: Fuentes boxing Protégé Edward Ceballos (Journeyman Promotions) traveled to LA on Saturday, August 8 and defeated Adrian Rodriguez (MD) in a four round contest held in Quiet Cannon Montebello, California. The win upped Ceballos record to 2-0 and his next fight is expected to be in Phoenix; nothing definite, yet- Ceballos received a head butt that slowed him down a bit, but he had enough left to pull off the victory. … Cruiserweight Albert Alvarez has severed ties with Red Nation Warrior Boxing in Tucson and plans to go it alone possibly turning professional under the management of his caring parents. We hope he makes the right decision; he is a very special young man….Creed, a spinoff from the Rocky Series stars Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone will hit the big screen on 11/25 at most area theatres including AMC screens….Tim Riddell is off the August 29 Bout Maker Boxing Promotions Card at LA Princesa in Phoenix due to an ankle injury and BMBP CEO Maritza Miranda Saenz will host a meet and Greet at the Salvation Army Ray Kroc Center (Broadway Road) on August 15 (1-3 PM) in Phoenix with her fighters…..Madison Boxing Club is hosting a smoker at Greenfield Elementary on Saturday August 22; USA Boxing Arizona is looking for volunteers to work USA Boxing Arizona sponsored events…….Fight Hard Promotions is scheduled to hold da show on September 4 at the Renaissance, but that show may be moved to another venue and date…..Iron Boy’s next show at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix is on the calendar for September 26; no other details….Amateur boxing standout Alfredo Escarcega is headed for the Nationals and perhaps bigger events and a promising professional career; if he so chooses.

Tourney News: Richard Soto, chief of USA Boxing Arizona Officials was thoughtful enough to forward the results from the Madison Boxing Gym hosted August 1, hosted boxing tournament held at Greenfield Elementary School in South Phoenix. We had hoped to publish the results earlier, but members of the Madison Boxing Gym staff failed to take time to pass on the results.

Broadway Gym won the Team Trophy and SebastianPereyra (Broadway Gym) 136 lbs., won the best Boxer Trophy). Here are the other winners.

Edwin Mendez (Broadway Boxing) 103 lbs.- David Vera (Unattached) 65 lbs.-Nathaniel Fowler (Hook City) 65 lbs., Israel Avila (Gene Lewis Boxing Club) 65 lbs., Aaron Garcia (Fuentes Boxing Gym) 105 lbs., Juan Estrada (Gene Lewis Boxing Club) 70 lbs., Carlos Rios (Ramos Boxing Gym) 147 lbs., Brian Velasquez (Knockout Boxing Gym) 110 lbs., Andre Rodriguez (FI Boxing) 118 lbs., Oscar Jacobs (Madison Boxing Gym) 110 lbs., Juan Armenta (Old School Gym) 134 lbs., Nathaniel Gallegos (Madison Boxing Gym) 120 lbs., Weldon Aldecoa (Irongloves Boxing) 155 lbs., Nicholas Quiroz (Cross Driven Boxing) 128 lbs., Oscar Zeballos (Madison Boxing Gym) 53 lbs., Ernesto Martinez (Calderon Hit Man Boxing) 95 lbs., Jasso Rocha (Central Boxing Gym) 130 lbs., Jeremiah Teran (Broadway Boxing) 75 lbs., Jorge Campbell (Old School Gym) 132 lbs., Thomas Valerio (Central Boxing Gym) 86 lbs., Daniel Fowler ( Hook City Boxing Gym) 80 lbs., Chris Sullivan (Ramos Boxing Gym) 123 lbs., Salvador Patino (Maricopa County Sheriff) Heavy Weight, Moises Rosales (Fuentes Boxing Gym) Ulysses Urbina (Knockout Boxing Gym 128 lbs., * any misspelling of boxer’s names in this re-cap is the responsibility of the tournament officials who printed or typed names on bout sheets forwarded to this column. Next Smoker is August 22 at Greenfield Elementary School in South Phoenix; first bout at 2 PM.  

Charity Benefit: Local boxing personality Ralph Velez Jr. and Dental Dr. Marcus Espinosa aka Dr. Maxx Guard will don gloves in a charity scheduled for September 19th at the Benavidez Gym in Downtown Phoenix. Supporters of the event are advertising it as the biggest boxing charity event ever held in Arizona; hmm, bigger than the annual Ali Fight night that rakes in Millions of dollars for medical research? Someone is smoking blueberries or shooting up cranberries. The gym holds less than 50 people, according to my sources. Until Next Time!

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