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After many years of taunts Charlie Zelenoff finally catches a Deontay Wilder Beatdown!!

After many years of taunts Charlie Zelenoff finally catches a Deontay Wilder Beatdown!!

amakorBy Michael Amakor | May 10, 2014

Most individuals never get to live out their dreams of being the immortal Gods they play out in their minds.

In most cases Sportsmen, actors, politicians, war heroes and actors on TV epitomize what most of these red blooded men or women want to be in their dreams and they become fans of these stars who express or display all the characteristics and artistic strengths that they wished they had.

Come now Charlie Zelenoff, a mysterious individual who has over the years launched an online campaign challenging anybody and everybody unfortunate to have fallen between his visual crosshairs.

The motivations behind his various campaigns have never been fully understood or explained and his antics have sometimes been entertaining in some cases. It is safe to say that his high profile targets have no doubt found it irritating and have tried to ignore them but with the ease of the internet his taunts have gone viral.

He appears to be obsessesed with fighting, particularly with boxing and has mostly targeted boxers in his online campaigns. He appears to have boxing skills, and a quick search over the internet shows him banging or sparring with a couple of boxers and posing with championship belts he claims to have won in some fashion.

He also claims to have 55 wins with no defeats. Online querries for a list of his victims have been fruitless as at filing this report. What you will find is several videos of him sneaking punches during sparring sessions with the likes of trainer Floyd Mayweather,Sr, the father of #1 pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather and a few others.

Over the years and we will never know fully why, he began to focus on WBC Continental Americas heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder repeatedly calling him by phone and online and verbally assaulting him on social media.

The fact that Wilder is a brutal knockout artist was of no concern to Zelenoff and with his undefeated record in mind he finally cornered Wilder into a championship fight that Deontay inspite of himself could not refuse.

“I am still the best” he declared after the brutal one-sided contest and shortly before an intimidating and menacing feint by Wilder sent him racing out of the gym where their contest was held.


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4 Responses to “After many years of taunts Charlie Zelenoff finally catches a Deontay Wilder Beatdown!!”

  1. Gutter says:

    Deontay Wilder also broke the warrior’s code by hitting Charlie Zelenoff when he was down — actually, since the undoubtedly annoying Internet fictional “champion” CZ, who is about half Wilder’s size or less, took what seemed like harder and more shots than did Malik Scott, yet managed to land a couple decent body shots and didn’t get knocked out, he actually in a weird way gave some credence to the idea that Scott took a dive for his buddy, and that Wilder is in part fiction as much as he is reality. We’ll see what happens if someone like Stiverne, who no matter what else one says about him, can really crack, lands a clean shot on Wilder’s chin. If Sconiers could have Wilder crawling around the canvas……but here’s some advice for Wilder fans. Cease bragging about how your hero “handled” Zelenoff. That’s beyond pathetic for something that (1) he should never have gotten involved in and (2) involved him fighting not another heavyweight, but a guy who looked like a midget next to him and was able to get up and fight back numerous times after taking big shots.

  2. Gutter says:

    I should add: as Charlie Z. is mentally troubled, and I believe has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. This makes any document they had him sign before they fought almost worthless if CZ’ family decides to sue Wilder. They can claim Charlie suffered some kind of injury or permanent trauma from getting hit by a heavyweight professional boxer. Wilder was beyond dumb leaving himself open to that. Can you imagine Wladimir Klitschko, who Charlie has also challenged many times, even dignifying that with a response? If Wilder felt he was being harassed, he should have reported Zelenoff, who I believe said he is on probation, to the authorities and let them handle it.

    • Frank Justice says:


      Zelenoff has NOT been diagnosed with schizophrenia. That’s a myth. Papa Zelenoff seems at times to encourage his son’s erratic behavior. I agree that Wilder should not have taken the fight. Yes, it was awesome to watch a racist troll get what he had coming to him, but the last thing Zelenoff needs is more attention.

  3. Earl of Perth says:

    It’s understandable why Wilder wanted to punch Zelenoffs lights out, disgusting things were said and to bring he’s daughter into it, unforgivable . I don’t believe for a second that Wildet put anything into those punches, he pulled them all. Just pushed Zelenoff over and humiliated him. Wilder knew the risks , he’s fists are lethal weapons against ordinary sized non boxers like the most of us . Job done . Can Zelenoffs family please get him psychiatric help before he is seriously hurt .

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