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Egg on My Face, Pancho Villa The First, Iron Boy 9 and More

Egg on My Face, Pancho Villa The First, Iron Boy 9 and More

Arizona Boxing News & Notes With Don Smith:

Boxing Fans,

More than a few boxing fans let me have it about my hunch prediction that Saul Alvarez would knock out Floyd Mayweather in the ninth or tenth round. Obviously that didn’t happen. I did correctly pick the other bouts on the card, but that doesn’t count, right? Now we move forward to anticipating who “Money” will fight next? Floyd has repeatedly stated that he will never fight Manny Pacquiao unless the Filipino legend disassociates himself with Top Rank CEO Bob Arum. In boxing, anything can happen, but the likely hood of the two meeting in the ring does seems remote. I don’t see anyone beating Mayweather at this time, but Danny Garcia in a welterweight contest with Floyd Jr. might be interesting. Forget Bradley, Martinez, Trout and the other names being bandied about. Before we leave this subject, let me add the name of undefeated Florida welterweight Kieth Thurman. A learned colleague of mine thinks Thurman, not Garcia, has the best chance of upsetting Floyd Jr. with or without the help of former Nevada boxing judge C.J.Ross. Ms. stepped down from her role as a judge after rendering the 9/14 mega million dollar fight a draw. Most ringside scribes were reluctant to award Alvarez more than two rounds in the 12 round affair. For the record, there were at least three under card fights more interesting than the Main Event bout.An independent survey agrees with me.

Villa The First: John Carlos Flores, a fan of this column, emailed me asking if I knew the name of the first Filipino world champion boxer. Yes sir. It is Flyweight Francisco Villaruel Guilledo commonly known as “Pancho Villa.” Pancho’s professional boxing resume included 78 wins, 4 losses and four draws. His last fight was staged in 1925 in California against Canadian Jimmy McLarin, a bout he lost. Two days later, the Filipino champion was pronounced dead. It wasn’t from the power of punches he absorbed from McLarin; the cause of his death was ruled as blood poisoning. And now the rest of the story.

On the day of the fight, Pancho visited a dentist and the dental professional extracted a troublesome tooth. Two days after the fight, Villa returned to the dentist and had two more teeth pulled. Within hours after the extractions, the fighter was pronounced dead at age 23. His wife, in labor with the birth of their son at the time of her husband’s death, told members of the press she thought her husband was murdered by an overdose of Anesthesia ordered by a gambling syndicate. Her husband was favored in the fight, but no arrest were ever made and her accusations were eventually ignored. I hope this bit of boxing trivia pleases John Carlos and other readers who find joy in discovering Historical boxing tidbits. Hopefully, a film director with an interest in boxing will take this story and turn it into a screen play.

Iron Boy 9: No Surprise! Iron Boy Promotions is getting into the business of live streaming for their Iron Boy 9 Boxing show at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix on September 21. The intriguing revelation was formally announced at their 9/16 press conference and reiterated at the official Weigh-In on 9/20.In my opinion, it is a potential revenue resource with rich possibilities that had to be tried.

Securing the equipment and proper licensing cost somewhere in the neighbor of $12,500.00 dollars according to one source. Highly touted boxing prospect Trevor McCumby will work the online telecast as the primary analyst while veteran boxing talk show host and writer Ron Valderrama will call the blow by blow action. They should do quite well. I gave Trevor a handful tips and if he is smart, the 21 year old boxer will discard them immediately. To catch the live stream go to: cost is a affordable $4.99. Here is the boxing menu:Take note, Chris Lopez, Victor Castro, Andrew Hernandez were rumored to be on the card, but suitable opponents couldn’t be found.
Main Event: 10 rounds for the WBC US NBC Vacant Bantam Weight Title – Referee: Wes Melton, USA
Alexis Santiago (Phoenix Arizona 14-3-1 vs. Alex Rangel (Sonora Mexico) 15-1-2
6 rounds: Jose Marrufo (Phoenix, Arizona) 3-2 vs. Cameron Creal (Las Vegas) 3-4-2 142 lbs
4 rounds Francisco C. de Vaca (Phoenix, Arizona) 2-0 vs. Manuel Galaviz (Sonora, Mexico) 7-11, 118 lbs
4 rounds Carlos Castro (Phoenix, Arizona) 4-0 vs. Miguelito Marti (Riverside Ca.) 0-1 125 lbs.
4 rounds Luis Oliveras (Glendale Arizona) 4-0 vs. Alex Gutierrez (La Ca.) debut 132 lbs
4 rounds Abel Ramos (Casa Grande, Arizona) 7-0 vs. Carlos Villa (El Paso Texas) 4-0 142 lbs
4 rounds Alex Garcia (Las Vegas Nevada) debut vs. Edgar Brito (Phoenix, Arizona) debut 118 lbs
4 rounds Chad Davis (Phoenix, Arizona) 4-11 vs. Johnny Jackson (Phoenix, Arizona) 0-1 199 lbs
4 rounds Julio Savanana (Phoenix, Arizona) debut vs. Ryan Picou (Las Vegas) debut 135 lbs
4 rounds Joey Ruelas (Phoenix, Arizona) 5-0-1 vs. Siju Shabazz (Las Vegas) 2-0 167 lbs.
* A Special In Memory Tribute To Alexis Urbina Doors Open at 3:30 p.m 1st fight at 5 p.m.

Ken Norton Sr. Former WBC Heavyweight Champion Ken Norton Sr. passed recently at an undisclosed Arizona Hospital and I want to pass on my condolences to his widow Rose and his three sons and a daughter. The champ (42-7-1) will always be remembered as the man who broke Ali’s jaw, but his resume also includes success as a United States Marine, Patriot, Actor and acknowledged Good Will Ambassador.

We met at the Arizona State Fairgrounds Memorial Coliseum on McDowell Road in Phoenix a number of years ago. Sorry I can’t recall the date. He was at the Coliseum for an autograph signing show with Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, former boxing champion from Youngstown Ohio. Mr. Norton was finishing up his signing for a fee session when I noticed two teenage boys who were looking at the champ,but they weren’t standing in the autograph line. Come to find out the young lads didn’t have the coin to purchase an autograph, so they were waiting to smile and wave at the former WBC Heavyweight Champion as he departed the facility. I approached the celluloid hero/champion boxer and asked him if he could pose with the teenagers before he left to catch a plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. He obliged and gave them each a hug and then softly whispered: I had better go before the promoter of this show thinks I gave some of his money away.”

After the incident, I met several people who knew the champ and they confirmed he was a gentle soul despite his sometime gruff exterior. In the last decade of his life, he battled heart and stroke issues but never complained according to his publicist. Farewell, champ and thank you for the memories you left us. Kenny Norton was 70 years of age.

Loose Hooks: Catch Iron Boy 9 After Party on Saturday 9/21, 11 p.m. at the popular Marisco Vuelvea La Vida Restaurant in Phoenix, located at 1602 East Roosevelt, 602-254-1719. Light Welterweight Ray Lampkin Jr. (4-0) from Portland Oregon is training at United Central Gym in Phoenix…. lightweight Victor Castro (10-0) wasn’t on the Iron Boy 9 card although he was at the Monday press conference telling members of the press he was looking for a good fight and was in great shape. He was expected to fight Cesar Valenzuela (4-2) ;however Team Castro reportedly pulled the plug over a weight difference of one pound….. super middleweight/Light heavyweight Derek “The Black Lion” Edwards (26-2) is sparring at Hard Knocks Gym with Grand-master Clement Vierra’s son, Martin….. Being Mike Tyson airs first episode on Fox Sports, Sunday September 21….Carlos Villa (Iron Boy 9 card) told me a victory over Abel Ramos will earn him a spot on the Juan Marquez/ Timothy Bradley October 12 card at Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas….The Buckeye Valley News & boxer Chris Lopez have a special bond. At the Presser on Monday, Chris called me a straight talking journalist and the he left me before I could ask him a single question.
… USA Boxing Arizona official Tom Garcia was awarded a plaque recently acknowledging his more than 40 years of service to the sport of boxing, good job….Light Heavyweight Trevor McCumby (12-0) takes on Eric Watkins (10-4) on October 12 at the Thomas Mack Center in Vegas as part of the Bradley vs. Marquez show. Watkins and McCumby met a few months back in Texas but the Illinois native (McCumby) wasn’t at his best even though he scored a win over the loquacious Watkins who is predicting a victory over usually low key McCumby. Before the occasion passes, Happy Birthday to Trevor who celebrates the big 21 on Sunday October 22. Trevor, a gun enthusiast and a fan of skate boarding, will team up veteran boxing writer and broadcaster Ron Valderrama to cover the Iron Boy 9 show at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix…Alexis Santiago will honor his fallen friend (Alexis Urbina) by wearing a tribute to the National Boxing Champion on his trunks. It is a sad loss. Talk about forming a committee to aid in the investigation of his murder is being pursued. Retired Judge Carlos Mendoza is donating $5,000.00 for information leading to the arrest
and conviction of person(s) invoked in the brutal murder of Alexis Urbina, call 602-446-2588 or 602-264-6372 with tips.. The Phoenix Police Department reports no leads at this time. Until Next Time!

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