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FightKing Chronicles – February 2012 Recap

FightKing Chronicles – February 2012 Recap

By Michael Amakor – – 02/22/12

Perhaps we are misreading the calender because it already seems like the early arrival of March Madness, we’ve had some great fights recently and then we had a controversial decision generally perceived to have been scored by another gang of three blind mice, I am talking about the decision against Gabriel Campillo in his southpaw effort to de-throne IBF 175 Champ Tavoris Cloud, and most recently Huck’s Loss to Povetkin for the Regular Heavyweight Title. Could we be having a sudden epidemic of all mice going suddenly blind or are we seeing things differently because we are watching these fights from the relative safely of our living rooms with the benefit of instant replays as opposed to being ringside where you could sense the winner when you see and feel the flying sweat and blood from his punches all over your attire and without the screaming fans, bookies, crooked sanctioning bodies and the affable Don King whispering in your ear and pressuring your every move, what do you think?.

On another note I now conclude that Derek Chisora has the hardest chin in the heavyweight division because not only did he absorb Klitchko’s bombs, but after a foolhardy move postfight, he survived a blistering left cross followed by a straight right that exploded into his chin complete with flying glass and water from David Haye that shook him to his very core forcing him to gasp repeatedly in awe “David Haye Glassed Me” followed hours later by a grilling from the German Police about the incident before he was allowed to leave the country, all in one day and by all accounts he is still standing tall. One good thing has emerged from his losing trifecta ordeal, we now have a new dream fight for 2012 – Chisora vs Haye. Some fans have already created the poster to promote that fight, What are you doing in Support


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