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Golovkin Refutes Quotes, Boxing Notes & More

Golovkin Refutes Quotes, Boxing Notes & More

Arizona Boxing News & Notes With Don Smith:

Boxing Fans, It happens occasionally and one time is one time too many. I was roaming the internet recently looking for story ideas and landed upon the GGG website that ran a press release denouncing a written piece (posted online) about the undefeated fighter (33-0 with 30 stoppages) using inaccurate quotes and Team GGG wasn’t pleased and condemned the distorted article through a statement issued by Tom Loffler of K2 Promotions and Gennady Golovkin added this personal comment: “These are not my words in this interview,” said Golovkin. The controversial interview was posted on the London, U.K. based website, City A.M. ( What action will be taken to rectify this unfortunate violation of trust and uncharacteristic journalistic act of misconduct is unknown.

I sent a request for an interview with the fighter requesting a legitimate interview with the middleweight boxing superstar, but we are still waiting for a reply. I hope one foolish act won’t nullify future proposed interviews with GGG. His website is:; follow him on twitter @GGGBoxing and Facebook at GGGBoxing. We will report Mr. Golovkin next scheduled fight when it is announced.

Arizona Boxing News & Notes doesn’t rearrange or alter quotes or questions and we give the interviewee the opportunity to answer or not answer our in depth question according to journalistic standards adhered to the majority of sensitive, serious and democratic Journalists. You know what they say about one bad apple. We will let you know if we hear from the GGG camp.

Boxing Notes: 17 year old Arizona Amateur sensation Leslie Hernandez has been added to the Iron Boy XXIII Show at the Celebrity Theater on July 25. Leslie is seriously considering trying out for Mexico’s 2020 Olympic Team. Her favorite boxers are former world champions Mike Tyson and Ricardo “El Finite” Lopez. In addition to boxing, she has won kudos for her accomplishments in wrestling and Martial Arts and her fighting future might be a career in UFC or Boxing.

Ms. Hernandez was an Honor Roll student at Trevor Browne High School at the time of her recent graduation…..Lilly Keating was unable to find a matching opponent at the recently concluded Salvation Army Smoker Tournament. Busted Knuckle Boxing, her coaching team, wants the 14 year old to enjoy the sport and not feel stressed to win at the demand or whim of others who may mean well, parents, friends, etc.….Phoenix Bantamweight Alexis Santiago (18-3-1) is expected to sign with Mayweather Boxing in the near future….Phoenix boxer Alexis Zazueta (5-0)will fight on the Iron Boy XXIII card according to sources. He is managed by Cameron Dunkin….Edgar Brito (3-1-1) tells me he plans on an under-card slot at the Celebrity Show, but still waiting for a foe.

More Stuff: Keenan Carbajal, according to his internet messages, will fight on the Roy Jones Jr. Promotions fight at Ft. McDowell (We-Ko-Pa Resort) on August 15 on the undercard of the Louis Rose vs. Andrew Hernandez Main Event. According to Team Hernandez, their fighter will be in tip top shape and will make weight, a problem in the past. Andrew, a native of Arizona is a big underdog, but his team is predicting a victory over Rose, NABF Junior Middleweight Champion….rising middleweight Nathaniel Gallimore, managed by Andrew Zak) upped his record to 7-0 with 6 knockouts and he’ll try for victory # 8 in St. Louis next month. Gallimore was born in Kingston Jamaica and fights out of a Chicago Suburb. Zak also manages Arizona’s Abel Ramos (13-0-2)….Super Featherweight Emmanuel Nieves is listed on the RJJ Promotions show at Ft. McDowell on August 15, Nieves (4-0)was close to signing with Journeyman Promotions, but backed out for unknown reasons and now is leaning towards signing with Iron Boy Promotions….beleaguered boxing coach Damien Stone is scheduled to go on trial in Maricopa County Superior Court on October 5 over sexual solicitation charges filed by a female Tempe Arizona under-cover officer. We won’t mention the favor, this is a G Rated column…Reminder, and Southpaw hits theaters on July 24.

Follow-up: I made mention of Marie Gonzalez (age 30) fighting 17 year old Leslie Hernandez in the 7/11 smoker tournament at the Kroc Center and reported that the bout sheet listed Marie’s age at 17. It was an oversight and according to Hernandez, Marie can fight as an amateur until the age of 40 in a non-advanced tournament. In my critique, I stated the event didn’t shut down until almost 11 PM. USA Boxing Arizona Official Richard Soto said the end time was closer to 9PM; maybe my sources used a sun dial (after dark) to gauge the time.

Overall, the event was top notch and my minor complaints, length and snack bar accessibility, are being handled through proper channels. Two rings was suggested, but USA Boxing Arizona doesn’t have the personnel to use dual rings; so the prudent thing to do would be to stage a two day event or cut limit a one day tournament to 20-22 bouts. I didn’t mean to ruffle feathers, but silence rarely creates change.

Best Fighter Award: MMA champion Ronda Rousey collected the “Best Fighter Award” at the annual ESPY Award Ceremony televised on ABC Television defeating boxer’s Floyd Mayweather Jr., Terence Crawford, Gennady Golovkin and Donald Cerone, MMA fighter. After accepting the award, Ms. Rousey called out Mayweather with these memorable words: “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once,” and she went on to add-“I’d like to see him pretend to not know me now.” Mr. Mayweather has had issues with domestic violence and she made her point.

Top Level Project: 20 year old Tamoriea Anderson is training under the watchful eye of former boxer Rollin Williams, coach and proprietor of Top Level boxing Gym in Phoenix. Williams sees a lot of himself in Anderson who spent more time as a teenager in Juvenile Hall than he did study hall. The young protégé was born and raised in Compton California and ran the streets and as a result; fought to resolve issues. His parents were absent without permission and neither were mature enough to see what they were doing to Tamoriea and his younger sister.

Anderson now lives in Phoenix with his girlfriend and their two children. It is a humbling existence, but the survivor of hard knocks is determined to stay the course and become a champion. He has learned that the streets don’t love you back; nor do they feed, clothe and protect anyone.

The recipe is very simple, 20-25 amateur fights and then he turns professional. Rollin likes the kid because he has good feet and fast hands and he listens but more importantly Rollin feels like a father figure to a young man who never had anyone throw him a rope, so he could stop treading his life’s darkest moments. It’s up to Anderson to latch on to the lifeline being cast by Williams and if he does; the student fighter also saves the lives of his family.

Anderson currently stands at 5’ 7” and weighs 130, 5 pounds over the weight he would like to fight at. His favorite fighter is Floyd Mayweather. Good luck and don’t turn back….Until Next Time!

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