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Golovkin vs Arthur Abraham Should be Next

Golovkin vs Arthur Abraham Should be Next

By Michael Amakor | October 25, 2014

golovkinvsabrahamAfter Gennady Golovkin’s destruction of Rubio tonite, it is becoming glaringly obvious Golovkin is the real deal.

After looking through the middleweight rankings down below:

  1. Miguel Cotto: former welterweight champion who just upseated shopworn Martinez is too small. His team would not allow him into a fight with Golovkin anyway unless they are mad.
  2. Sergio Martinez: he just lost too Cotto, why is he even ranked, he has no legs, next
  3. Peter Quillin: he just abdicated the WBO title per his promoters instructions; his futures and intentions are uncertain.
  4. Marco Antonio Rubio: just got destroyed by Golovkin.
  5. Daniel Jacobs: Cancer survivor holds the WBA World title, while Golovkin is the super champion, a viable fight, but there has been no clamour…
  6. Hassan N’Dam: Could not handle Quillen, but just defeated Curtis Stevens, faces Jermaine Taylor next.
  7. Jermain Taylor: Just defeated light punching Soliman for the IBF title, but shocking KO losses in his last couple of fights makes him a likely victim of Golovkin’s murderous punching power.
  8. Sam Soliman: Just lost too Taylor, enough said.
  9. Felix Sturm: Lost too Soliman in a rematch, next
  10. Dmitry Chudinov: Dmitry who??
  11. Daniel Geale: former champion got destroyed by Golovkin in 2 rounds, next
  12.  Matthew Macklin: Lost to Golovkin already

The only other challenge that makes sense in the Middleweight Division is for him to fight Danny Jacobs for supremacy at the WBA. However it appears that Danny Jacobs may have been moved into position to take over the title only after Golovkin steps out of the division.

I will not be part of a murder conspiracy to match him against newly crowned glass jawed Jermaine Taylor (sorry taylor; I am still your fan) or blown up welterweight Miguel Cotto to unify the middleweight division as its a waste of time, simply because these fights will not be competitive.

So if I were Golovkin’s manager I would move him up to 168 against Authur Abraham in a super fight in Germany 1st to test the waters and make some millions before risking it all against Andre Ward.

  • Anthony Dirrell – newly crowned WBC Champ who defeated Sakio Bika in a tough rematch; he is already aroused and is very risky, he also has no star appeal to lure the networks.
    Andre Ward: Is the ring magazine champion at 168 and has indicated an interest in fighting Golovkin.
  • Carl Froch: Well Andre spoke up first, Carl Froch seems only interested in a rematch with Ward or Chavez, but he is very..Very Tough.
  • Arthur Abraham: the dimunitive former middleweight champion got beaten up by Froch and Ward in the super 6 tournament, very tough with some power which has not quite moved up with him to 168, but he is based in Germany.

You know, he might just be the 1st fighter to stop the maddingly inactive Andre Ward.


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