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Jacobo Dedicates, AZ. Boxing Team Planning Run

Jacobo Dedicates, AZ. Boxing Team Planning Run

Arizona Boxing News & Notes with Don Smith

Boxing Fans, If you live outside of Arizona, the name Oscar Jacobo probably won’t ring a bell; it might after you hear his story. Oscar is a fifteen year old boyish looking Sunnyslope High School student who took up boxing at age 12. He trains at Madison Boxing Club in Phoenix, Arizona and I have seen his name on numerous bout sheets, but we had never personally met until recently.

On Saturday, August 22, Jacobo was featured in bout #9 at a community smoker (amateur boxing) held at Greenfield Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona. His opponent was Jesus Estrada boxing out of Center Ring Boxing (Nevada) and both teenagers weighed 114 lbs. The 1st round went to Estrada as a result of a knockdown from a stiff and strong straight hand, but Oscar appeared unhurt and rallied to make the 1st stanza close. Jacobo won the remaining 2 very close rounds and was rewarded with a trophy and a standing ovation to remember his victory. Both young men deserved a bow for their thoroughly entertaining performances.

As he left the ring clutching his trophy, I thought he was acting and looking rather cerebral given the intensity of the battle and the magnitude of his victory. He posed for pictures with friends and relatives, but he still wasn’t acting like a teenager who won a trophy before an estimated crowd of 250 appreciative fans.

After his Kodak moments and customary fist pumps were exercised, I approached Oscar and conveyed my congratulations and introduced myself to the victorious teenager who wasn’t awestruck by a journalist promising to mention his win in a boxing column.

5-10 minutes later, the youngster returned to ask me a favor. The request was prefaced with “will you promise” to do me a favor. He was so serious sounding that I stood at attention with both ears open. His Uncle (Amador Jacobo) passed away three days before the fight and he wanted to dedicate his win to the memory of his Uncle Amador. After I said I would oblige and mention the unfortunate fate of his beloved uncle, Oscar reached for my pen and printed his Uncle’s name across my bout sheet and politely thanked me for agreeing to honor a simple request from a grieving warrior and nephew.

Greenfield Results:Arizona Boxing News & Notes left the event after bout 22 ,, so here are names of winners from those fights I saw and two others that were called in the next day: Leslie Hernandez (J& C Boxing), Juan Estrada (Gene Lewis), Oscar Zeballos (Madison Boxing, Julia Chacon (Sonny’s Boxing),Brandon Lobatos (F-1 Boxing Gym), Israel Avilla (Gene Lewis), Moises Rosales (Fuentes Gym), Erick Munguia (Knockout Boxing Club), Oscar Jacobo (Madison Boxing) Orlando Ambriz (Center Ring Boxing) , Brian Velasquez (Knockout Boxing), Jorge Merino (Knockout Boxing Club), Sebastian Mitry (F-1 Boxing), Trini Ochoa (Power Boxing Gym), Daniel Fowler (Hook City), Richard Archuleta (Lights Out Boxing), Fernando Martinez (Mendoza Boxing Gym), Johnathon Aguilar (Center Ring Boxing), Nathaniel Fowler (Unattached), Louie Lopez (Maricopa Sheriff), Kevin Morales (Madison Boxing), Jovanny Aguilar (Center Ring Boxing), Andre Rodriguez (F-1 Boxing), Erik Davilquest (Unattached), Rogelio Camerana (Central Boxing). Sorry to report our request for the names of individual and team trophy winners is still pending.

Boxing News:I erred last week in stating that boxer Linda Soto (sister of Elihu Soot) is an amateur fighter. In reality, she has 12 professional bouts under her belt with a record of 6-6; sorry Linda… Heavyweights Anetelea Opetaia and Chad Davis had a spirited sparring exchange at Central Gym recently and Davis called out the rugged Samoan which led to an agreement to settle their personality differences at the Celebrity Theatre on the September 26 Iron Boy Card in Phoenix. Also rumored to be on card are 140 lb. Cliff “The Gift” Jordan, 1-0, (formerly of Detroit) and Phoenix favorite Paul “Ziggy” Romero 5-0-1; opponents TBD…. Center Ring Boxing club (Nevada) left the Greenfield Elementary School boxing event in Phoenix (8/22) miffed over the officiating. A spokesperson for the organization thought their win total should have exceeded the three they left town with.

Local boxing trainer Juan Mendoza has left Fuentes Boxing (16th Street & Yale in Phoenix) to start Mendoza Boxing at 32nd Street & McDowell Road in Phoenix. His current roster of fighters include: Melissa Ramos, Fernando Martinez, Lalo Cardenas, Luis Retana, Bernardino Hernandez and Alexis Martinez….Heavyweight Ron Johnson is on the comeback trail after disappearing from boxing, six years ago. He is on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Card (9/12) and he recently spent time working out at Central Boxing sparring with Phoenix Heavy Anetelea Opetaia aka “T”. My source told me T gave him quite a workout.

More Ring Noise: Majerle’s Sport’s Grill (13375 W. McDowell Road, Goodyear Arizona) will host BMBP’s official open to the public weigh-in for their “Rumble in the Desert” show on August 28 at 2 PM. The boxing event is scheduled for Saturday 8/29at the La Princesa located at 9830 N. Metro Pkwy West in Phoenix. The menu promises 7 bouts with Phoenix fighter Cesar Valenzuela (10-4-1) squaring off squaring off against Mexico’s Ricardo Promano (11-1-0) in the main event. In other bouts, David Damore tries to get back on the winning track against Roger Davis-Jesse Ruiz vs. Jose Gallegos-Francisco Muro vs. Edgar Ortiz-Elihu Soto vs. Victor Torres – Bradley Tsosie vs. Manuel Romero and Francisco Chavez meets Marco Sustaita. Doors open at 6 PM, parking is free and tickets are available at the door; remember, Phoenix fans have the reputation of purchasing tickets at the door on the night of the event………. Desert Heat 2 is confirmed for 9/25 in Tucson, Arizona at the Tucson Convention Center (Grand Ballroom) 260 S. Church in the host city of the Arizona wildcats. First punch at 6 PM. Cast of fighters includes promising Carlos Castillo, tough Roshawn “Two Guns” McCain, former Red Nation Warrior Albert Alvarez will make his professional debut.  3 amateur bouts on the card and the rest of the featured bouts are still in the works; more details in next column….Duel for Domination 13 at the Arizona Event Center on September 12….MMA Show at Blue Water Casino in Parker, Arizona on October 24.

Boy Hurt: There is no truth to the rumor that I tripped a small child on Saturday (8/22) at the Greenfield Elementary smoker event. Here is the “real” story of the unfortunate tragedy. I was walking toward the exit when a trainer (Chris Alvarado) who was walking in front of me turned around abruptly and barreled into me knocking me off balance, so (to protect myself) I grabbed for a nearby bench to break my fall but I fell to the floor on top of a 69 lb. 10 year old boy (Erick Munguia) who was walking directly behind me. As a result Erik struck his head on the metal foot of the bench and began to bleed and suffer pain. Chris apologized, I apologized and both of us waited for the ring doctor to look at the child and he (doctor) said the boy would be okay. We left after explaining the incident to those witnesses who actually saw what happened. I didn’t trip the boy and I hope my accurate account of the accident will be read by everyone who heard an untrue version that vilifies me and Chris Alvarado. I certainly regret the accident happened and I hope this true and rational account will set the record straight and stop the mean spirited witch hunt being conducted over the internet. It was a tragedy and Chris and I are truly sorry. Unfortunately, a handful of people distorted the actual details of this regrettable personal tragedy and made me look like the bad guy; shame on them. Good luck Erick! For the record, at least 6 eye witnesses called to confirm the truth and were appalled to hear the lies being circulated on social media outlets.

More Boxing News: Joe Diaz vs. Luis A Arceo is the co-main feature Saturday night on the Shane Mosley Sr. vs. Ricardo Mayorga card. Despite rumors that Don King will try to scuttle the fight, Mosley promises it will happen or he will fight someone else. Twin Peaks, on Camelback Road in Phoenix will show the fight without a cover charge, alright, alright; arrive early and there is a $15.00 minimum food and beverage spends per person. On September 12, the popular food and beverage stop will also show the Mayweather/Berto title fight for a $10.00 cover charge and a $15.00 minimum food and beverage spend per person…. Undefeated light heavyweight Trevor McCumby (Busted Knuckle Boxing in Tempe Arizona) takes on Brian Holstein on September 19 in Studio City California….Local boxing celebrities attending the Greenfield Smoker included boxer, Sulem Urbina, Joey Ruelas and BMBP CEO Maritza Miranda Saenz.

3 TV Nov. 1 Run/Walk: Undefeated fighter Mario Esparza, his dad (Paul) and Alex Milligan are putting together a team of Phoenix based current & retired boxers to run in the 40th Annual 3TV 5K, 10K  on November 1 to prevent childhood obesity. Proceeds will benefit the prestigious Mollen Foundation, a known champion for battling the serious Childhood Obesity crisis.

The Arizona team (comprised of men & women) will run in the 5 K adult category and the starting line is at City Scape in Downtown Phoenix. I commend the Arizona volunteers for joining approximately 4,000 other socially conscious running/walking participants to prevent childhood Obesity; everyone knows a child who struggles with the ever growing problem.

Channel 3 TV (one of many sponsors) will cover the event and expect to see thousands of vendors and receive surprise giveaways if you attend. It sounds like fun and I hope the Arizona Boxing Community will support this worthy endeavor. Mario Esparza and Alex Milligan are the designated co-captains of the Arizona 5 K running team and an executive committee will be named soon.

Please, keep reading this column for further race information and registration details, click online: Special thanks to Executive Race Director Harvey Beller for his insight into the event and his cooperation in being receptive to the idea of Arizona boxers participating in the annual benefit. Arizona Boxing News & Notes will update readers on which boxers will run and members of the Twin Peak severing team (Camelback Road in Phoenix) are tentatively scheduled to be on hand to cheer for the Arizona Boxing Team: together we can prevent childhood obesity. Until Next Time!


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