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Kevin Hoskin remembered, Family seeks help & more

Kevin Hoskin remembered, Family seeks help & more

Arizona Boxing News & Notes with Don Smith

Boxing Fans,

Sorry to announce the death of Kevin Troy Hoskins, son of Walt and Lydia Hoskins long time staples in the Arizona boxing community. Walt and Lydia are proud card carrying members of USA Boxing Arizona and have volunteered countless volunteer hours with the non-profit organization. Walt Hoskins, until recently, was the head coach at the Marico County Sheriff’s Boxing Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

The family is asking for donors to go online to “RIP Kevin Hoskins, Go Fund For Me’   and please donate a contribution regardless of size. Laying loved ones to rest can be an expensive endeavor. Please give; Kevin passed on 8/16/2014. The goal is to raise $3,000.00. At last check, friends of Kevin had pledged almost half of the stated goal.

Services for the doting, loving father, Son, Uncle, Cousin and friend were held on Friday August 22, 2014 at 2 pm, 9155 W Van Buren St. Tolleson, Arizona 85353. He was 47 years old at the time of his departure.

Kevin Troy Hoskins was born in Sacramento California on September 20, 1966.He is preceded in death by his brother George Gauna, his grandparents: Louise Williamson, Ramon and Macaria Melendez. Kevin is survived by his devoted parents, his sons (Troy Jr. & Scott) and one granddaughter. In addition, Kevin is survived by his siblings, Deborah, Carla, Eddie, Lisa, Sondra, Lia, Stacey, Lianna and loved by many aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins.

23 years ago, Kevin was struck by a drunk driver and paralyzed from the neck down.. Before the accident, Kevin Hoskins was a strapping young man who excelled as an amateur boxer and was the 1987 Arizona State Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion. His passions included fishing and cheering on his favorite NFL football team, the Miami Dolphins.

On the “ RIP Kevin Hoskins Go Fund for Me” Website there is a picture of him and one of his more boastful catches. His brother George was also a storied amateur boxer recalls family friend Chris Alvarado who replaced Mr. Hoskins as the MCSO boxing coach. It was a life cut too short. RIP Kevin Troy Hoskins; Our condolences to the grieving family.

The ceremony for Mr. Hoskins was simple but moving. The tribute opened with taped music from a diverse presentation of artists including Johnny Cash, Peter, Paul and Mary and the classic rock group Cheap Trick; very interesting ng selections with the spirit of Kevin in mind.

Once the   music was dialed off, Deacon Dean Beltran delivered a homily aimed to comfort the family and remember Kevin. After the Deacon finished, friends and family members spoke from the same podium about heartfelt remembrances of their lost loved one. There were tears, hugs and laughter. An estimated 50-60 people attended the quiet, joyous and eventful wake. Two members of the congregation traveled 1,600 miles by car to attend the service.

List Controversy : More than a few people are up in arms about the USA Boxing Arizona list recently distributed by USA boxing and sent to me. USA Boxing Arizona President Jacob Magallanez emailed me and suggested the blame lies with the applicants who forwarded the personal info to the National organization. Based on the number of gross errors detected, I think a new system needs to be developed and since the organization election until three more years, I would suggest that now is a good time to make the corrections.

I randomly checked the list and found wrong numbers, closed gyms and listed names that were no longer involved in amateur boxing. As a professional journalist covering boxing, I found the list to be a hindrance in my pursuit of accurate boxing information. USA Boxing and USA Boxing Arizona reads this column; so maybe the proverbial ball of change has started.

There are two gross errors on the nine page listing that stuck out like a sore thumb. Top Level Gym in Phoenix was listed twice. I knew the story, so I picked up on the error immediately.

The original Top Level Gym was located on Jefferson Avenue and managed by controversial trainer and boxing manager Joe Diaz who suffered a massive heart attack and is now living in the faraway state of Montana. Mr. Diaz closed the gym several years ago and gave Rollin Williams (former boxer) verbal permission to use the name at a different location.

According to the USA Boxing list both men are USA Boxing Arizona members in good standing and can vote on procedural changes if the opportunity is offered. I would recommend a vote to reconstruct the list.

The second glaring error on the list includes the inclusion of former boxer Kevin Ridings-In as the sole owner of the now defunct Stonehard Boxing Club in Chandler Arizona. Kevin disputes the published claim and called authorities to remove his name from any list that has him associated with the club. Seeing his name on n the list prompted him to call USA Boxing and USA Boxing Arizona and demand that his name be removed from the list and he denies ever permitting his name to be associated with Stonehard Boxing Club formerly owned by Damien Stone, awaiting trial on charges soliciting a minor for sexual favors. Hopefully a good pair of eyes and a pragmatic attitude will play a major role in scrutinizing a published list that demands serious tweaking. The organization needs to pay someone to handle club enrollment.

Boxing News: A pair of 14 year olds (Faustino Gonzales and Milo Gonzales) are catching the watchful eye of MSCO boxing coach/trainer Chris Alvarado….The Friday Phoenix Fight Night Show (September 26 at the Phoenix Convention Center, according to rumors, will feature Keenan Carbajal, Mario Esparza, Emilio Garcia and Fernando Samaniego. No word on total number of bouts or date, time and location of prefight press conference and weigh-in. JR Cardenas, Phoenix firm, is handling the press chores. Boxing fanswill know details when they come in….Luis Olivares is starting to conduct light workouts after allowing time for torn tendon injury to heal… 72 hours before Trevor McCumby was scheduled to board a plane to fight in Chicago on Saturday August 23, his handlers were still waiting for the name of his opponent. Trevor was born in Yorkville Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. The undefeated light heavyweight resides in Glendale Arizona and is also scheduled to fight on the September 20 Iron Boy XV Card in Phoenix at the Celebrity Theater…..Victor Castro is on the Iron Boy XV card along with Shane Mosley Jr. and several local talents including Francisco de Vaca, Carlos Castro and high profiled prospect Alexis Zazueta is rumored to be on the card……Joey “The boxer” Ruelas is on the shelf with injured elbow. His scheduled bout with Arturo Crespin in New Mexico is off….Like most people, I was surprised to see Shawn Porter easily defeated in his outing. Kelly Brook took him to school and then some. The MD call was being kind….. Round 2 of Mayweather vs. Maidana is being offered on Showtime PPV, September 13, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Until Next Time!

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