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Olivares Questioned, Iron Boy 8 & Much More

Olivares Questioned, Iron Boy 8 & Much More

Arizona Boxing News & Notes With Don Smith
Olivares Questioned, Iron Boy 8 & Much More
Boxing Fans,

Sorry to report, my original column was gobbled up by a monsoon sized computer glitch. It ate every last word and didn’t apologize. When that happens, I panic and began again, swearing that the effort I lost was Pulitzer Prize worthy and also vowing to retreat to the wine cellar and remain there out of public view until the end of my life. Since I owe my readers a finished and earnest product, I file the following product and I apologize to fans and publishers for my tardiness and I hope this second rendering will entertain and inform boxing fans around the world. Darn Computers!

4 Bit Argument: Undefeated Arizona light welterweight Luis “Magic Man” Olivares (4-0) cited health reasons for cancelling his battle with Puerto Rican Jonathan Perez (4-0) on the July 5, ESPN Friday Night Fights Card that also celebrated Rapper 50 Cent’s Birthday at the Hartford Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The show was designed to showcase all of SMS Promotions fighters including Olivares who did show up at the event in civilian attire.
Because the decision to cancel was last minute, SMS Promotions wasn’t able or didn’t try hard to find an Opponent for Perez. It was a SMS show and 50 cent wasn’t about to change the format and showcase a pair of fighters foreign to his SMS Brand.

Jose Colon (Perez Manager) almost blew a gasket over the cancellation and told any media outlet within microphone distance(At the fight venue) that he believed Luis was ducking his guy Perez because the Arizona fighter was overweight, not sick. Colon didn’t offer proof just accusations.

A spokesperson for Olivares told me his fighter’s everyday walk around weight is 142, so the weight issue was a non issue. So why did the former amateur champion from Arizona opt out of a show that offered so much exposure. Here is the skinny and everything said here can be substantiated.

Two weeks before the July 5, fight, Luis received instructions from Manager Tony Gonzalez to shutdown his Glendale, Arizona training camp and fly to Miami and workout there in preparation of his tussle with Jonathan Perez. Gonzales wanted to expose Olivares to the Miami press and the veteran manager thought the 20 year old would benefit from better sparring partners. Makes sense. Now keep in mind that Arizona heat is dry. Humidity ranges from 9%-40% while Miami registers somewhere between 65-90% on the humidity meter. Big difference.

Three days into his Miami training, Luis fell ill and he was taken to not one but three doctors. Tests revealed the young man was suffering from dehydration and he was told to rest and not fight on the ESPN Friday Night Fights July 5 show. ESPN Network was informed and Luis decided to attend the birthday bash because management gave him permission to attend the bash even if he wasn’t on the card. The ticket was prepaid and the eventwould be good exposure for the boxing prospect. Luis didn’t give the idea of going, a second thought. Perhaps, he should have.

In hindsight, by going, he exposed himself to criticism! He looked healthy and he was there basically help 50 cent, his boss, celebrate his 38th birthday. Good move by Colon to exploit the situation for his fighter. I think Luis left Hartford with some bad publicity and a little egg on his face.

Olivares is tentatively scheduled to fight in new York (Roseland Ballroom) on July 24 in a four round bout. Luis will then graduate to 6 round bouts and when he reaches the the 8 round plateau, management hopes to par him up with Perez if the Puerto Rican is still winning fights. It should be pointed out that Perez has never fought outside of Puerto Rico as a professional and his opponents were winless when they faced him. The moral of the story is know your humidity and when you’re sick, stay low and don’t attend public parties. Remember Luis is young.

Iron Boy 8: Iron Boy Match Maker Mike Sanchez and I don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but I do think he has put together an interesting card for the Iron Boy 8 boxing show on Saturday, July 20 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. 10 pro fights and 1 amateur bout. Each match has a storyline and the event should produce SRO crowd. Tickets are available at the Celebrity Theater Box Office, better hurry. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. 1st fight at 6:00 p.m.

6 Rounds: Victor Castro 9-0 vs. Marcos Herrera 6-9-1 Castro is now trained by Rafael Valenzuela & Armando Lopez. lightweight division.6 Rounds: Emilio Garcia 7-0-1 vs. Jensen Ramirez 2-2-2 123 lbs. Could be the fight of the night. These guys are best enemies. Don’t miss it. 123 lbs. 4 Rounds: Joe Martell 2-8-1 vs.. Moises Alvizo 1-6, never mind the records, these guys will scrap until the end. 152 lb. contest.
4 Rounds: Abel Ramos 6-0 vs. Richard C. Quesda 1-0, Ramos puts his undefeated record on the line. Quesda was an outstanding amateur. 142 lb. 4 Rounds: Carlos “The Chosen One” Castro 4-0 vs. Erik Goodell (debut). Castro returns to action after suffering injury. 126 lb. contest. 4 Rounds: 4 Rounds:Francisco C De Vaca 1-0 vs. Michael Herrera 2-1 Vaca is the favorite and Herrera hopes to prove he belongs in the ring with “Panchito.” 115 lbs.4 Rounds: Mario Esparza (debut) vs. Wilbert Lopez 1-0, Mario waited a long time for this moment and Lopez know it. 132 lb. contest.
4 Rounds: Alexis Santiago 13-3-1 vs. Jaime Gutierrez 4-6, on paper it looks like Santiago, but Alexis has no trainer according to rumors. 120 lb. contest. 4 Rounds: Joey Ruelas 4-0-1 vs. Johnny Jackson (debut) Jackson is a former MMA fighter with an edge. 175 lb. contest with a pair of tough guys.4 Rounds: Candido Lopez (debut) vs. Rafael Rivera 1-4, 118 lb. contest. Rivera needs a win and Lopez would like to win his debut.

Quick Jabs: Former Amateur standout Rafael Valenzuela and Armando Lopez will work the corner for Undefeated lightweight Victor Castro (9-0) in his battle against Marcos Herrera on the Iron Boy 8 card at the Celebrity….Danny Batchelder is working out at Busted Knuckle and the colorful heavyweight has won two bouts since starting his comeback earlier this year. His next fight is scheduled for Louisiana next month….Standout amateurs Eben Vargas, Anthony Mendes and Fernando Meza (Strong Enough Boxing Club) will participate in a tournament held at Stone Hard Gym in Chandler on July 27….Boxing fan Ronaleen Omega joined the Army Reserves at a special swear in held at Chase Field in Phoenix on July 5.Sergeant Ronald Omega her father, is currently deployed in Afghanistan, good luck to both soldiers…Iron Boy 8 Press Conference on 7/15 at Gus Pizza in Phoenix became a little tense when a “wise Guy” in the crowd decided play the race card and suggest that one of the fighters present needed to get his papers in order. He managed to leave in one piece, but he didn’t make any friends…..Trainer George Garcia (Hammer Gym) is working with a new heavyweight, but he refuses to give his name up…Trevor McCumby won his fight at Hollywood Park Casino on 7/13 to run his record to 12-0-10 knockouts. The light heavyweight could be fighting fora minor title next year. Trevor trains at the Busted Knuckle Gym in North Phoenix.

Hausner Suicide: On June 19, Death Row Inmate Dale Hausner, dubbed the “Serial Shooter” was pronounced dead after being removed from his cell at ASC-EYMAN Facility in Florence, Arizona. The Autopsy report, released on July 11, ruled the death by suicide as a result of consuming a large quantity of Antidepressants, 50 times the normal dosage.

Before his arrest and conviction, Hausner was a respected boxing talk show host and photographer. He covered major fights and was considered a player in Arizona sports coverage. What a waste of talent. We can only speculate what drove him to commit such hideous acts against humanity. His Journey is over. Dale is survived by 2 brothers. His two young sons were killed in a car crash several years ago. Unfortunately, Dale will be remembered as the Serial Shooter and he has no done to blame, but himself. Until Next Time!

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