Posted by Marcelo Ortigoza on Mar 26, 2011
Pacquaio Should Be Ashamed of Himself

Pacquaio Should Be Ashamed of Himself

By Marcelo Ortigoza

The “No Vote” of Manny (Filipino Superman except Superman’s handsome face) Pacquaio in Twitter is bad taste in the mouth. Voting him for congress work was a waste of precious government funds. He could not even attend a historical session recently that voted for an Article of Impeachment for the Senate to judge an alleged corrupt and incompetent Ombudsperson. The chap is only in Baguio– a four-hour ride to the House of Representatives. Dereliction of Duty at its worst!

His political idiocy was exposed not only in this absence, but the way he reacted to members of Tweeters: “Mag-reklamo kayo sa lolo (it should be lelong) niyong panot (You should complain to your bald grandpa),” he retorted to people at Tweeters who criticized his absence in the hall of the House of Representatives last Monday.

Pacquaio actuation was expected because of his poor intellectual status. But this was only aggravated when idiotic Filipino mobs rooted and voted for him in a congressional position that entails some standards, class, and intellect.

Pacquaio should know his place under the sun. It does not mean that his being world class means he could be “great” too in other fields. He should be polishing his chutzpah in the ring, and not in congress. Now that he was exposed, he and his voters should be ashamed of themselves.
Greatnest in Boxing does not translate greatness as a member of the August Body.

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