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Pacquiao v. Margarito: Buyers Beware!

Pacquiao v. Margarito: Buyers Beware!

Pacquiao v. Margarito: Buyers Beware!

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Plain boxing fans would found themselves frustrated after they watch the November 13, 2010 bout between Pound-for-Pound king Manny Pacquiao and “Plaster of Paris endorser” Antonio Margarito.

Margarito is tailor-made for Pacquiao. Although he is naturally bigger, and taller by six inches to the Filipino superman (except superman’s handsome face), Margarito has a style of rushing to his opponent unprotected by gloves on his face.

With his style, he would be likened to a condemned building, and Pacman to a building’s demolition ball – compliment by his deadly left straight or left hook.

I would not be surprised to see Margarito lying flat on the dais like a drunken whore in the
early rounds.

I would not be surprised the multitude of fight fans egress at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas
bellyaching because of the anti-climactic result, and the expenses they spent in going there.

Are they not aware of Caveat Emptor (Buyers Beware)?

This is the result fight fans get when two mammoth promotional entities – Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotion – don’t see eye-to-eye these days.

This is the result world boxing gets when Top Rank’s big honcho Bob Arum selfishly satisfies himself in pitting his in-house wards.

In between his preparation to fight Margarito, Pacquaio tries to fill-up his duty as congressman.

Unlike being municipal and provincial solons, congressional post is a full time job.

Manny is not only shitting on the August Chamber. He is making a bad precedent for other lawmakers to preoccupy themselves with other jobs.

What Pacquiao does is prejudicial to the interest of lawmaking in the Philippines.

The Philippine Constitution has a provision that bar members of the House and the Senate to accept job in other government position.

Although it is silent however for them to do full time job or accept employment in the private sector, common sense dictates that this practice is prohibited.

Otherwise it would undermine legislation in the country.

Just imagine, solons working as managers and chief executive officers of big business?
A congressman or a senator running a private company will not bode well to his serious job as lawmaker – especially if it conflicts with the latter.

I believe the legislative intent in prohibiting solons to occupy other jobs covered those in the private sectors.

It is high time somebody rise and sue Pacquaio at the higher tribunal as a test case.

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