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Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Pre-Fight Analysis

Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Pre-Fight Analysis

Unlike the bigger and lethargic Oscar dela Hoya, Manny Pacquaio would be fighting the naturally bigger Antonio Margarito at the catch weight of 150- pound of the Super Welterweight Division

Antonio has a six and a five reach and height advantages, respectively.

Could these edged become a factor for an upset for the Filipino pit bull? You judge after you read the following observations.



The Mexican is naturally bigger and arguably stronger than Pacquiao.

Experts said Manny should be fighting in the lower division of 140.1 lbs – 147 lbs Junior Welterweight where he is effective.

His celebrated chin could shame the armor of an Abrams Tank. Try to ask Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron on this.

He is 5’ 11“, while the Filipino is 5’ 6”.

Is it déjà vu again on November 13 to see a motley David Tua awkwardly doing a “Jumping Jack Flash” against the towering Lennox Lewis? Tua was outclassed in that year 2000 heavyweight fight.


Every time he fights, survivors of Nagasaki atomic bombed blast are either traumatized or have nightmare as they remembered how that more than four tons “Fat Man” bomb born by a B-29 bomber wrought havoc to them in that fateful August of 1945.

His hands speed would look Jason Statham knife-stabbing prowess a child’s play in the flick “Expendable”.

You ask Democrats Senator Harry Reid of Nevada how violently explosive Congressman Pacquiao is?



His go-go styles gives knock-out punchers like Pacquiao a boner.

His propensity to plunge into enemy’s territory without an effective cover is like a Scud weapon system to a Patriot missile.

Without the help of “gravestones” wrapped at his hands, the battle field would be “ceteris paribus” (all things are equal except in the male cubicles).

His reflexes to counter are slow. He has a tendency to lower his left glove from his left face after he unleashed it


Not as prepared as when he fought Miguel Cotto at the Junior Welterweight Division. To some peasants out there who just learned boxing recently, Cotto was bludgeoned in a technical knock-out by Antonio in the 11th Round in 2008.In that tussles, Miguel’s face looks like the run-away winner of a Halloween Party attended by a staff of a funeral parlor.

Manny darts his jaw like Jay Leno every time he lunges his straight left punch.

Consequently, this can be a paper target for a right hook and right upper cut from the opponent.

After he fired his right jab, he has the tendency to lower his right glove from his right face.

Must Do


He should incessantly use his left long jabs to hit and distract Pacquio not to prepare his left counter punch. He should do these by circling Manny clock-wise.

Just like what Eric Morales has done in their first fight, a staggered Pacquaio is vulnerable to an accurate punches by bunches.

When Manny raises his left foot to set his lethal left, Margarito should step back his right foot but see to it he leaves Manny a straight strong right remembrance at the face. Try to sneak his well-timed ten-foot poll right.

He can also emulate the turtle-shell like defense of Joshua Clottey as he plowed to Manny. This to be followed by his timely long right straight and his “trademark” left hook swing to the body of the Filipino.

That kind of defense made Clottey an endorser of Glutathione products that cater for a flawless facial skin.

In that fight, he was unscathed facially while Pacquiao was transformed from his Tom Cruise-look to that of Walter Matthau.  


With a left punch that has a market value of a middleweight; Manny should rumble with the Mexican in close quarter so he could shoot-up with gusto his left uppercut to the usually uncovered hole straight to the chin of Margarito

Just like what Paul William and Shane Mosley (the ideal opponents that Manny should be fighting in November 13, but who are we to dispute the wisdom of Top Rank’s Bob Father Arum?) have done to the Mexican, Manny should hug Antonio as if he is in Times Square celebrating New Year after he unleashes those blinding Gatling gun’s munitions. He should do this with regularity to undermine the counter punches from the once de facto endorser of Plaster of Paris.

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5 Responses to “Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Pre-Fight Analysis”

  1. michael says:

    Be afraid of the opponent who has nothing to lose and everything to gain – Margarito has been pushed to wall and may land the KO punch for survival

  2. Geoffrey says:

    We shall see on Saturday. Margarito is a tough opponent and yes you’re right he’s got nothing to loose but that’s the same as Clottey. Actually the others who have a lot to loose with their belt should have prevailed to protect their title 🙂

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Now do you believe? He will never be afraid…

  4. Geoffrey says:

    Who’s next? Berto? I don’t count on Mayweather anymore…