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Rose Retains Title-Ray Beltran Encounter & More

Rose Retains Title-Ray Beltran Encounter & More

Arizona Boxing News & Notes with Don Smith

Boxing Fans, Middleweight boxer Andrew Hernandez (9-2—1)fought back tears as he left the ring (We Ko Pa Resort) after suffering a TKO loss in the 8th and final round of his battle against Californian Louis “Unknown “Rose (13-2-1), defending Junior NABF Middleweight Champion. Hernandez appeared to stun Rose in the first, but didn’t capitalize on the moment.
The 29 year old Phoenix, Arizona native was fighting in his back yard) FT. McDowell Indian Reservation (Yavapai Nation) in Scottsdale Arizona. A capacity crowd (1500) was on hand for the Roy Jones Jr. / Iron Boy promoted show and a spokesperson for RJJ told Arizona Boxing News & Notes that the two boxing powers would continue to collaborate and suggested a possible joint future show at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.

Rose vs. Hernandez was a close fight going into the final round. According to Team Hernandez, Rose went under the arms of Hernandez in the third round and head butted the Phoenix boxer above the left eye, but the damage was minimal. Rose started targeting the injured eye in the fourth until referee stopped Referee Wes Melton wisely stopped the fight after a big right hand followed by a short powerful left sent Hernandez sprawling into the ropes and a TKO ending.

According to my sources, two judges had Andrew ahead on their cards after 7 rounds, so all he had to do was gain a draw in the final stanza; however Mr. Rose failed to oblige and I think Louis Rose can drop the unknown alias after his performance against Hernandez aka “the Pride of Phoenix.” The official time of the stoppage was 2:02 of the final round. Hernandez will be required to serve a suspension due to the injury. Both men passed da previously administered drug test.

When Hernandez left the ring, he walked past the ring physician (Dr. David Carfagno DO-Sports Medicine) and disappeared for 15-20 minutes. A report that relatives of Hernandez raced out of the venue and started yelling and causing a commotion (outside one of the exit doors) is true and the verbally charged incident continued until a cooler hear prevailed and stopped the nonsense. No official word on cause of disturbance, but I was told it was a battle between representatives of Hernandez exes and thank goodness; neither is from Texas….wrong time, wrong place!

I witnessed Hernandez’s return to the physician’s table and after a quick exam by the Doc, he was taken to the Emergency Room at Scottsdale Memorial North Hospital where he received 5 stitches above the left eye; administered by Meghan (authorized attendant). There was some talk about a title rematch; let’s see what happens. Rose is a much improved fighter and trainer Buddy McGirt deserved credit for his work on the well-conditioned fighter from Lynwood, California. Rose is managed by the very capable Peter Carabatsos who was very proud that Mr. Rose chose to wear the colors of the United States and Greece on his trunks; his manager is of Greek descent, nice touch. All winners fought out of the Blue corner.

Undercard Results: 7 bouts preceded the main event including a special 4 round special welterweight bout featuring Ed “Bad Boy” Brown 9-0 from Chicago who knocked down Angel Martinez (14-7-1) in the first round but had to settle for a UD over his experienced foe from New Mexico. Chris Flores was the third man in the ring

Texan Benjamin Whitaker (10-1) knocked down John Grimaldo, 9-4) (in the second stanza) on his way to a 79-72-80-81-79-73 victory. I had the 8 round 147 lb. Bout closer, but Whitaker earned his winner’s paycheck.
In a 115 lb. contest Phoenix pugilist Alexis Zazueta (6-0) dominated Nevada’s Sergio Lopez (2-3) with a much stronger performance than he gave in his last boxing encounter. Zazueta is managed by Cameron Dunkin, so the bar is set higher.
Super Bantamweight Carlos “The Chosen One” Castro (12-0) was a 60-53 x 3 victor over previously undefeated Juan “Johnny” Guillen (7-1-1) from El Paso Texas. Strong performance from Castro who may be three fights away from a minor title fight. Castro was focused and aggressive, good outing for the 21 year old Phoenix fighter.

In a 123 lb. bout, hometown favorite Paul “Ziggy” Romero (5-0-1) schooled Californian Raymond Chacon (5-17) for 4 rounds and received the nod from all three judges:40-36 x 3. Romero was entertaining and as he acknowledged, sells tickets. His management assured me they would seek stronger opponents for the “Ziggy Man”, amen!

Keenan Carbajal (7-2-1) had no difficulty in winning a UD decision over veteran Jose Silveria (15-16) fin a 6 round fight over a much shorter foe. I do wish young Carbajal would learn to use his length and reach advantage he has over most 126 lb. opponents. His trainer is Grandpa Danny Carbajal.

Middleweight Nate “”No Problem” Gallimore (9-0) bested Mexico’s Juan Carlos Rojas (10-12-1) with a 3rd round TKO victory. It was never explained why Rojas was late in arriving to ringside from his hotel room; perhaps he had a premonition of what was to happen. Gallimore is very entertaining.

In summation, it was a goodnight of boxing. The resort staff and promotional personnel from Iron Boy and Roy Jones Jr. were both helpful and personable, a very good combination.

Special Note: Broadcaster Rich Marotta, President, Founder of the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame was on hand to conduct post fight interviews with the victorious fighters at the Battle of the Unknown RJJ/ Iron Boy 24 Show at We Ko Pa Resort. On August 8, 2015 The Nevada Hall of Fame hosted its 3rd annual induction ceremony and one of my readers (Geoff) was kind enough to bring me an official copy of the program and I would like to thank him for his thoughtfulness. Anyone wishing to purchase a copy needs to call 856-627-1356 for their 44 page program; it is a collectible to acquire and treasure.

Beltran Exchange: I caught up with Lightweight contender Ray Beltran at the RJJ/Iron Boy 24 show and asked if he was mad at me. I left messages and he failed to respond which isn’t normal for him. He said he was mad at me because I didn’t contact him before I printed a story mentioning his temporary boxing suspension and the possibility of his retiring told to me by at least two of his friends. I told him I left messages and he never responded. Mr. Beltran finally said he forgave me and I said for what and he shook my hand and I wished him luck. Beltran went before the Nevada Boxing Commission and said he will be able to

Boxing Show Updates: Iron Boy Promotions has three upcoming shows and here are the planned dates and locations: Iron Boy 25: August 29th in Guadalajara (no venue listed)….Iron Boy 26 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix with Roy Jones Promotions on September 26, 2015…..Iron Boy 27 on October 17th at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix with Top Rank Boxing…Coach Ray Mitchell and his Wild West Promotions Group is seeking approval for a September 25 show at the Tucson Convention Center.

The Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission has been cancelling monthly meetings due to poor attendance from invested principals. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 14 at 1110 W. Washington in Phoenix at 10 AM.
Fight Hard Promotions has cancelled their proposed September 4 Show at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale. A new date and possible different location will be announced soon.

Boxing Noise: Undefeated Light Heavyweight Trevor McCumby is off the 8/22 Fallon County Nevada Fair show; no explanation….. Fight fans can watch replay of the Hernandez Vs. Rose Junior NABF Title fights on Friday (8/21) at 7 PM PST time; check carrier for channel. Team Jose Benavidez Jr. is still talking about matching up with Terence Crawford or Brandon Rios….Dentist Mark Espinosa aka Dr. Maxx Guard was seen holding a position in the corner of Andrew Hernandez which is a no, no…..Rudy Casillas, Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Gaming, attended the fight and I would like his take on Espinosa taking a position in the corner of a sanctioned fight and I would like to get his take on ring physician David Carfagno decision to have all of the fighters take their after bout physical on the ring steps instead of offering the pugilists a chair. He (the doctor) told me that was his style, alright, alright!…..Joey “The Boxer” Ruelas attended the Bout Maker Boxing Meet & Greet event on August 15 at Salvation Army’s Ray Kroc Center in Phoenix and signed autographs for fans who asked. Also attending; Arizona resident and Mexican Olympic boxing hopeful Sulem Urbina was seen walking amongst a crowd of estimated 40-50 fans from the Arizona boxing community including BMBP CEO Maritza Miranda Saenz. The event showcased fighters on her upcoming boxing show (8/29) at La Princesa (9830 N. Metro Center Parkway West, Phoenix, Arizona 85051. The weigh-in is scheduled for Majerle’s Sports Grill in Goodyear on Friday August 28; check website for more details.

Wrong Diagnosis: I confronted boxer Elihu Soto (1-0) at the Salvation Army Meet & Greet event about a serious rumor circulating around boxing circles that he was diagnosed with a serious medical disorder detected after a series of blood screens. He was very candid and told me a lab made a serious mistake and presented him with a wrongful diagnosis that wasn’t cleared up until a year later. The horrible mistake put his boxing career on hold and now the matter is cleared and he will fight on the August 29 Bout Maker Boxing Promotions show at the La Princesa in the Phoenix Metro Center. Soto has a sister who is kicking tail and taking names on the amateur circuit…Until Next Time!

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