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Sanchez Set for “Warfare” Card & Inside Stuff

Sanchez Set for “Warfare” Card & Inside Stuff

Arizona Boxing News & Notes with Don Smith:

Boxing Fans, Featherweight boxer Salvador Sanchez Castro, nephew of boxing legend Salvador Sanchez, will headline the Warfare: The Battles Begin boxing show at Valentino’s in Phoenix on February 6. The event is produced and promoted by Fight Hard Promotions, based in Glendale, Arizona. FH is still searching for an opponent for the 30 year old Sanchez whose solid record stands at 30—6-3 with 18 knockouts.  2/6 at Valentino’s will mark Sanchez’s first fight in Arizona even though he was born in neighboring Mexico. Salvador is sometimes referred to as “Sal II”.

Sanchez began his ring career in the spring of 2005 with two close defeats and then was awarded two draws and two wins in his next four contests. Sanchez would then reel off 8 consecutive wins and eventually the Mexican fighter would lay claim to the vacant WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) Featherweight Title with a 3rd round TKO victory over Adan Garcia in 2011. His bio reports Sanchez was formerly with Top Rank; but a spokesperson for Top Rank confirmed the boxer isn’t currently affiliated with the promotional company. According to his latest bio on file, Sanchez is trained by the legendary Abel Sanchez who currently trains GGG and other championship caliber fighters. Salvador Sanchez is on board for a 10 rounder.

In addition to Sanchez, Fight Hard CEO Rigoberto Ledezma has announced the following fighters are scheduled to appear on the card: Alex Rangel 16-5-2 (8 rounds), Jesus Serrano 10-4-2(6/8 rounds), Ray Lampkin 8-0 (6 rounds),* Edgar Brito 3-2-1vs. Francisco Muro (4 rounds), Ryan Riddell 1-0 (4 rounds), Elihu Soto (4 rounds) Dakota Dawson 3-3 (4 rounds) and Edward Ceballos 2-1(4 rounds) * Brito may not fight on the card if he can’t get permission from Iron Boy Promotions whom he is still under contract with technically. ABNN will monitor the situation.

Tickets for the show are set at $35.00 for general admission and $55.00 for ringside. Fight Hard doesn’t have a functioning website; but Fight Hard plans to start advertising on radio stations 98.3 and 88.3 in addition to radio, FH will rely on word of mouth, social media and press conferences to spread the word; let the battle begin. Valentino’s is located in Phoenix, Indian School Rod and 43rd Avenue. FH plans a salute to the military service men and women for their contribution to preserving American ideals during intermission time. A free ticket giveaway is planned. When we know, fans will know.

Election Update: ABNN made an open commitment to candidates facing opposition in the upcoming online USA Boxing Arizona Election that we would offer editorial space to them, prior to the January 7-14 election, to make a declarative statement as to why he or she is seeking the office of president of the Arizona Boxing chapter of the National organization. In our last column, incumbent Jacob Magallanez sent a statement that was carried in our last journalistic effort. We feel that Arizona Boxing News & Notes can be a didactic tool for voters participating in the board election. The only position contested is the presidency; therefore, we extended an invitation to the four official presidential choices: Mr. Magallanez, Seferino Rodriguez, Michael Sanchez and Andrew Soto to use our online column to air their hopes and goals for the office. In compliance with our promise, here is a statement from candidate Michael Sanchez:

“I would like to thank Don Smith (Senior Editor of ABNN) for the opportunity to reach out to the Arizona Boxing Community. My Name is Mike Sanchez and I’m running for President. For the new coaches and clubs, I held the position for fourteen years. I’m a hands on President. I get my hands dirty working for our local Boxing clubs. Every smoker, every tournament we need help. Our athletes, coaches and officials deserve more”….Mike Sanchez.

Inside StuffInquiring minds want to know what the bottom line is concerning the civil suit (CV 2015-053584) filed November 30, 2016 on behalf of plaintiff Carbajal’s 9th Street Gym, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona versus Danny Carbajal estranged brother of five time world boxing champion Michael Carbajal. In a previous edition of ABNN, the filing of a civil suit (Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix) was mentioned; but, we are not at liberty to discuss the suit at great length or in-depth out of respect for the ongoing legal process.

However, as a recognized and accredited member of the journalistic community we (ABNN) are morally and ethically obligated to inform 0ur readers that the Defendant Danny Carbajal aka Daniel E. Carbajal aka Danny Esquer Carbajal is accused of engaging in conduct in Maricopa County, Arizona out of which this cause of action arises.

His (Danny Carbajal) alleged acts of misconduct prompted the Plaintiff, upon discovery, to legally seek the removal of Defendant as a sitting member of the Board of directors of Carbajal’s 9th Street Gym, INC., an administratively dissolved Arizona non-profit corporation.

The story leading up to the court action, in our opinion, is a whale of a tale that taps into the dark side of life and is edgy enough to be transformed successfully on film or in print. It has sex, violence and a disregard for the human condition: In other words, a slice of modern Americana.

The complaint contains 7 pages of allegations and the wherefore summation segment (last paragraph) of the document reads as follows: Wherefore, plaintiff, Carbajal’s 9th Street Gym, Inc., requests an Order of the Court:

A. Removing Danny Carbajal as Director of Carbajal’s 9th Street Gym;

B. Awarding plaintiff its attorney’s fees and costs incurred herein pursuant to A.R. 12-341.1 and 12-341, respectively and

C. Awarding such other and further relief as the court deems as proper.

** The suit was filed by Glenn B. Hotchkiss (Buchalter Nemer Law Firm) Attorney for the plaintiff and judgment is pending investigation and court hearings. Specific allegations are listed in the filed document and available to readers via online.

Junior & Youth Nationals: ABNN Editor Don Smith asked amateur Phoenix boxer Fernando Martinez (17 years old-114 lbs.) to serve as a surrogate reporter while the talented boxer competed in the 1/5-1/9 Junior and Youth Nationals Tournament in Reno Nevada. The affable Martinez (coached by Juan Mendoza) agreed to accept the task and we expect his account will be reported in our next column. Fernando is one of five Arizona fighters entered in the tournament; here, is a complete list of AZ fighters and their coaches excluding the already declared Martinez who is aiming for the 2020 Olympics.

Brian Macias 15-16, 106 pounds (Coach: Richard Macias), Gabriel Quijada 17-18 123 pounds (Coach: Andrew Soto), Alfredo Escarcega Jr., 17-18 141 lbs. (Coach: Alfredo Escarcega), Carlos Velazquez 17-18, 132 lbs. (Coach: Andrew Soto) ** each boxer’s coach was given a $500.00 travel stipend (from AZ USA Boxing) to lightened the financial burden on the boxer and his supportive family. ABNN wishes the team well!

Boxing Update: Phoenix super middleweight/light heavyweight David Benavidez   (11-0-10 knockouts) is fighting Kevin Cobbs (10-1) in an 8 round contest held at Club Nokia in LA on January 19, 2016. Initially, ABNN reported the highly prized prospect would be fighting on the Garcia/ Guerreo PBC card at the Staples Center on 1/23; but our informant was undeniably mistaken and we hope he enjoys his warm stay in Siberia….140 lb. 18 year old David Courtney makes his debut (4 rounds) on the Roy Jones show (1Friday 1/22 at Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson) vs. fellow newcomer Carlos Cordova in a debut bout for both young fighters; tickets available (soon) at Casino gift shop by calling 520-838-6836; the headline bout features Rob Brant (18-0) vs. Decario Perez 15-3-1 in a 10 round bout that will decide who is the fittest to wear the WBA-NABF Middleweight Belt. It could be a fist pumping nail biter-Brant is the slight favorite. Undefeated Filipino sensation Harmonito Dela Torre makes his USA debut in the co-main event….Boxers needing a ring gig should put their eyes and ears to work; rumor has it there is a new boxing promoter in town and his or her show might come down in March; no name, but the initials are M.R and a good friend of Ralph Velez Jr….Fight Hard may keep the same announcer as they transition into a new look and location….. .. Next Arizona Boxing Commission is scheduled for Friday, January 22 at 10 Am…The next Iron Boy show will be a co-op effort with Top Rank on February 20th at the Celebrity Theatre. Holiday season is over, back to boxing. Iron Boy’s Francisco C. De Vaca takes his boxing skills on the road to LA, January 30; hitting the road is a good experience for young fighters who rely too much on home cooking.

More Boxing News: Javier Loya is off the Fight Hard card (due to an injured ankle) at Valentino’s; Andrew Hernandez and Keenan Carbajal won’t be added to the show; but Edward Ceballos and Edgar Brito are definite additions to the FH boxing menu unless Brito gets stopped by a contract squabble with Iron Boy.. …. Former Arizona boxing coach and Gym manager Damien Stone’s trial is set for 1/25/2016 nearly 20 months after he was arrested and charged with soliciting sexual favors from a female undercover police officer. He was arrested in 2014 and posted a bond to avoid jail time while waiting for his trial which commences at 8 AM on Monday , January 25, 2016; proceedings are open to the public and held at the Maricopa County Superior Court House in Phoenix, Arizona; empty your pockets before you go.….. Abel Ramos (severe cut) is out of ring action for several months after his KO loss in Houston. We wish him a full and speedy recovery….The announcement of a 3rd Pacquiao vs. Bradley PPV (HBO) meeting has some people yawning; but, it may be an interesting contest. ABNN doesn’t rejoice over hearing rumors that he (Pac-Man) will continue fighting until he meets Mayweather again.-staying in the sport too long will only tarnish his well-earned legacy….. A spokesperson for Phoenix middleweight Joey Ruelas recently emailed ABNN and suggested an announcement regarding his next ring move(s) would be forthcoming; stay tuned… …. Until Next Time!

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