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Show Some Love!

Show Some Love!

By: George H. Hanson Jr., Esq

Name: J’Leon Love
Professional Debut: January 29, 2010
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Date of Birth: September 25, 1987
Advisor: Greg Leon
Trainers: Angel Caraballo & Nelson Figueroa
Promoter: Lou DiBella – DiBella Entertainment
Weight: 160 lbs.
Height: 5 feet 11inches
Professional Record: 7 Wins 0 Losses 5 KOs
Amateur Record: 95 Wins 15 Losses
Accomplishments: 2006-2009 Detroit Golden Gloves Champion, 2006-2008 Michigan State Champion, 2007 National Ringside World Champion, 2007 National Golden Gloves silver medalist, 2007 National PAL silver medalist, 2008 Olympic training partner. Represented the United States in many international tournaments

On June 4th I was in Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City to cover WBC super-middleweight champion Carl Froch vs. Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson in the semi-finals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic—a pugilistic feast and epic battle that satisfied my hunger for the sweet science. Earlier, promoter Lou DiBella showed some love by whetting appetites with the undercard featuring his hot prospect, middleweight J’Leon Love, who hails from the smorgasbord of world champions—The Motor City—Detroit.

For four rounds the 23-year old displayed his vast array of skills while out-boxing tough Lamar Harris, who was taken to school being given a crash course in the art of prizefighting—pugilistic skullduggery. Round after round, his supporters, savoring the Detroit native’s dominance yelled, “Show him some love!” as another combination bounced off Harris’s cranium. No surprise when he was awarded a unanimous decision sweeping every round reminding everyone that Love is the answer to the question, “Who is the heir apparent to middleweight king and promotional stable-mate Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez?”

Love, who holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Edingburgh Community College, is a 2005 graduate of Edingburgh Community High School where he was running back and point guard on the football and basketball teams, respectively. The journey that led him to the New York-based DiBella Entertainment began as a 15-year-old in the Motor City with the shadow of Tommy “Hitman” Hearns looming larger than life. Love is a self-described hyperactive, no-nonsense youngster who proved his mettle by becoming steeped in the manly art of street fighting. The epiphany to begin boxing came one day when he was watching a meet between the Army and Navy boxing teams. Enthusiastically he asked his mother, Venita, for permission but was unequivocally denied. However, he found two allies in his father, Mack, and older brother, Gerald, who took him to the world-renowned Kronk Boxing Gym where he met trainer Walter Smith, who was a teammate and friend of The Brown Bomber—heavyweight champion Joe Louis. Ironically, Smith and Louis were both born in the same year, 1914. The old man, an institution and mainstay at Kronk, assisted Emanuel Steward with his army of world champions and contenders.

The wily octogenarian took Love under his wings and instituted a rigorous training regimen firmly grounded in discipline and “tough love.” Their relationship was reminiscent of that of legendary trainer Jack Blackburn and his star pupil—Louis. According to Love it didn’t matter that he won fights by scintillating knockouts, “Coach never told me that I did well, he always said that I could do better.” With Smith as head coach and Angel Caraballo as the assistant trainer Love flourished in the amateur ranks and qualified for the 2008 Olympic trials. However, as fate would have it, he was involved in a car accident breaking his neck, missing the trials and sidelined for almost a year. He would resume his amateur career, but suffered yet another woeful blow in February 2009 when his beloved trainer and mentor passed away at the ripe old age of 94.

Signing with Dibella Entertainment, Love joined the punch-for-pay ranks in January of last year and is grateful to Lou DiBella for believing in him. A self-reliant young man, he works full-time as a help-desk computer technician at a major Detroit firm. There isn’t much time for anything else besides work and training. Unlike many young, professional athletes his age, he spurns the party and night club scene. However, he balances his hectic schedule to include family events with his parents, three sisters, two brothers and girlfriend Shavia Ramsey—his best friend. His mantra is stay busy and productive while spending time with the people who know and love him.

Described as a right-handed Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Love fights with the same level of calm, calculated, expressionless intensity and aggression. Even though he credits Hearns and all the Kronk legends for opening a world of opportunities for him and other Detroit boxers, stylistically—Hagler is his favorite fighter. “Marvin was a destroyer and was in all those tough fights. I have never been star-struck, but I would be if I met Hagler.” Like his idol, Love’s goal is to win the middleweight championship and be considered one of the best champions ever. Based on his progress, boxing acumen and dedication it will not be long before the Motor City has another world champion. He would defeat newly crowned WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. if they fought tomorrow.

Unlike Chavez Jr., who was moved slowly building a resume with questionable opponents, before fighting for the middleweight title in his 45th bout— it shouldn’t take more than 15 fights for Love to have one of the world championship belts strapped around his waist. I am sure that he will fight on DiBella’s televised cards. For all the boxing aficionados and fight fans, we can only hope that in addition to the main event they will show some Love!

Continue to support the sweet science, and remember, always carry your mouthpiece!

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