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20th Title Defense

By Michael Amakor

Bernard The Executioner Hopkins crushed the challenge to his supremacy of the Middleweight Division by dominating Howard Eastman down the stretch to retain his WBA, WBC, IBF AND WBO Titles.

It looked like Hopkins was in trouble in the early rounds as Eastman applied the pressure forcing Hopkins to clinch.

The action picked up in the later rounds and Hopkins really showed the stuff of champions  by rocking Eastman with some devestating lunging left hooks that would have decapitated the head of a lesser opponent but Eastman held his own and fought back valiantly managing to see the final round. 

After the fight Hopkins was unusually amiable during his post fight interview no doubt relieved that he had retained his belts and legacy, but nevertheless with the creeping realization that he was not quite the same fighter at 41 years old, you could tell from his demeanor that he knew it was going to get tougher. “He takes a hell of a shot, he said about Eastman giving him a B-minus.”

He kept up his demeanor during the interview with Larry Merchant and as always was unapologetic about any perceived shortcomings in the bout. He must have been wondering what Larry and the boxing public wanted from a 41 year old champion who although was willing to skirmish whenever necessary, preferred to  methodically pick apart his opponents from the outside while coasting to a comfortable decision victory. Do we not know that this wise tactic will preserve his fossil and brain tissue incrementally longer to elongate his rule of the division. Wait until you take a punch he argued deep within himself while verbally sparring with HBO’S always caustic and demanding Larry Merchant.

Hopkins with this victory has surpassed all records in that division and looks forward to many more million dollar show downs including possibly against rising young blood Jermain Taylor who made an impressive showing on his undercard, that would be a match to watch.

But Joe Calzaghe, the WBO Middleweight Champion thinks differently and feels Hopkins victory over Eastman was mediocre at best and he confidently proclaimed that he would have knocked him out that night or any other night for that matter.

Bernard does not like to be disrespected so watch out


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