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Bitter Sweet Revenge for Bernard Hopkins

Bitter Sweet Revenge for Bernard Hopkins

Compiled By Michael Amakor ï  April 4, 2010 ï Live Telecast ï Fight Highlights

The 17 year feud between ring legends Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr was finally settled in the ring in a rematch titled the Rivalry at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas Nevada with Hopkins winning a unanimous points decision over Jones in a lack luster affair of two aging but crafty veterans to even the scores between them both.

Post fight Bernard stated “It was kind of rough. He’s a warrior. He’s a veteran and a good fighter.

And while Hopkins won his rematch against Jones, it was not the clear cut beat down he had predicted when he said:

I want it so badly and really I want Roy to be able to remember this beating I am about to give him for making me wait so long. But now the wait is over, I am going old school and back to the days of the Executioner. He delayed it too long but his days are now over, the Governor has spoken and April 3 will be the day.”

Instead he was worse off for wear after two rabbit punches and a low blow he absorbed from Roy Jones. Jr, forced a time out during the fight as he writhed in pain on the canvas. “I felt I got hit in the back of the head and my legs went and I started seeing spots. I was mad. Weeks did a helluva job. He was doing the best he could to keep us both under control”, he stated about his agony post fight.

Talk about bittersweet revenge, Hopkins collapsed in his dressing room shortly after complaining about seeing those spots, and had to be rushed to the hospital, something for sure to dissipate the savory taste of this inglorious victory.

Jones on the other hand did not seem to care either way about the outcome of the fight, and seemedCinchThumb content to coast to the final bell, but after his first round fiasco to Danny Green a few months ago, he may have considered his ability to reach the final bell impressive in itself as many pundits had him as the prohibitive 5-1 underdog and a somewhat elated Roy Jones,jr stated:

“I feel great. Even at my age I’m still in control. I want to thank god for being as healthy as I am today. Pensacola in the house. I thank all my fans for their support. I kind of got behind. I was trying to knock him out because I was behind. He is a very crafty veteran. He was hitting me behind the head. “I was worried the first time. I knew if I fouled too much I would have been disqualified. I wanted to give the fans what they wanted. I tried to do that tonight.”

Both Guys may have put the finishing nails into their retirement coffins with this less than scintillating performance on a $49.95 pay per view extravaganza, but the subscription numbers may be the final shovel of sand to bury them both if it comes in very low. Stocking the retirement fire is the unconfirmed buzz around the ticket counter that Golden boy promotions had to give away free tickets to the fans in-order to fill up the arena, but they still only managed to get only a questionable 6000 people into the arena.

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