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Brewster Bombs Out Golota

 By Michael Amakor

In a performance reminiscent of a young Mike Tyson or Jack Dempsey,  Lamon “Relentless”  Brewster unleashed fifteen punches to knockdown the “Foul Pole” Andrew Golota three times en-route to securing a technical knockout victory in the 0.53 second of the  very first round in front of a packed arena dominated by patriotic Polish fans at the United Center in Chicago. 

Nobody could have predicted the outcome of this fight, and most boxing analysts and arm chair experts had Golota as a heavy favorite coming into this fight especially as this was his fourth title attempt. Brewster leapt out of his corner like a caged lion landing the first shot, digging hard shots to the body, hooking to the head and swinging with a wild left cross and all of a sudden Golota was crashing down to the canvas.

Golota beat the count but Brewster now smelt blood and leapt in breaking through Golota defense with a brutal flurry of punches that had Golota crashing to the canvas through the ropes for the second knockdown. Golota managed to beat the count but Brewster was unwilling to stop the barrage and he proceeded to unleash a vicious and even wilder flurry of punches that sent Golota crashing down to the canvas for the  third time forcing the referee to halt the contest. 

The fight ended so suddenly that Golota stood in the ring in a stunned stupor trying to grasp what had just happened to him, he did not touch gloves when Brewster offered too while dancing around the ring celebrating his  victory. But finally the ignomy of the defeat hit him hard and he stormed out the arena missing the  post fight interview with Larry Merchant and the press conference. He must have had a lot on him mind especially since his fourth and probably last  title search had come to a disastrous end . Now at age 37 years with four title challenge losses to  Lennox Lewis, Chris Byrd, John Ruiz and now Brewster he may be figuring that it is now time to hang up his gloves for good. 

In retrospect in analyzing this fight, a review of past Brewster fight clips showed that he should not have been so underestimated in this fight especially when you consider that his trade mark wild inside crosses and hooks are tailored made to solve the riddle of ramrod stiff European style fighters like Golota who was virtually made to order for him.  With this virtuoso performance Brewster has declared his intent on the division and boxing fans are now foaming at the mouths waiting to match him against any of the other trinket holders for a unification bout. 

He is now on the road to superstardom and he best buckle up and get ready to shock us again to solidify our newly formed impressions of him against the winner of the WBO Heavyweight title elimination showdown between Luan Kraniqi and six foot eight giant Lance “Whoopi”  Whitaker.

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