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Bryan, Imam Win on Gulfstream Card

Bryan, Imam Win on Gulfstream Card


Trevor Bryan: “I told everyone my jab is my strongest punch. I pumped it up with my double jab and I set my man up.

“I had him [Hassan Lee] in the first round but I need to listen to my corner more. I needed to pick up my punch count and improve my defense. I’m the ‘American Dream.’ I’m ready to go.”

Oleg Platov: “It was great to be back after two years. I had promotional problems but that is over now and I thank Don King for becoming my new promoter.

“It was beautiful to fight outdoors in Florida. Harold Sconiers was good tonight. We had an accidental clash of head that caused the gash outside my left eye. But he gave me good work.

“My coach told me between the first and second round that I should throw the uppercut. I was throwing too wide. I threw the uppercut in the second round and my opponent walked right into it. It was great to come back with a knockout. Tell everyone Oleg Platov is back.”

Amir Imam: “He [Tony Walker] was a tough opponent, no sucker. I out-toughed him and out-skilled him. I got the stoppage and that’s all that matters.

“I have superior skills and techniques that most other fighters don’t have. I’m old school. I study the old masters like Joe Gans from the 1800s. He was an old master and that’s why they call me the ‘Young Master.’

Joey Hernandez: “He [James Winchester] was a little awkward. He led with his head a lot. I did what I had to do and now it’s on to bigger and better things.

“He was a tough guy, gave me good rounds. I would have liked to have thrown more combinations but I was being mindful of being headbutted.

James Winchester: “I think I won the fight. He [Joey Hernandez] stepped on my foot when I fell and kept hitting me behind the head.

“But you know what? It’s cool. This is his hometown crowd and now this crowd respects me.”

Angelo Santana: “I was able to knock him [Johnny Garcia] out and that was my intention. He was a very strong opponent but I was able to stop him.

“This performance says it all for me. This proves I am ready.

“I felt nervous at the beginning as this was my first national TV appearance. I needed a round to gain my composure. But I was in front of my people and they supported me and that is something beautiful.

“I was waiting for him to gain confidence and attack me because he was the taller fighter. Once he did that I was able to unload my left hand. I came looking for my fight and he was the one who hurried up.”

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