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Ermano Fegatilli steps back into the ring; gets decision victory

Ermano Fegatilli’s focus was weak, but the win was still in store in store after a flash knockdown in the second round saw Ermano Fegatilli swarm to retain his high ranking in an emphatic eight-round fight with a career the balance.

Fegatilli had to fight hard against the tough Spainyard Michael Escobar on Friday evening. With that said, it was clear that after Fegatilli had hit the deck that it would be him to come back and beat Escobar into a wide decision victory — he was the more talented athlet

Fegatilli had over four opponent changes in the lead-up to this fight; he has also recently scheduled to marry his fiancé in the coming months. This wasn’t the way Ermano wanted to achieve his 28th victory – but a win is a win as the man known as “ll’Dottore” prepares to transcend on world title perimeters.

Still, as far as this Netherlands residing Italian-Belgian is concerned, there are more important things to set sights upon. Ermano Fegatilli will soon be going back for a more intense camp ahead of a possible October bout – which should be announced soon.

In March, Fegatilli scored a shutout decision victory over Frenchman Karim Chakim. Fegatilli’s quick combinations and scintillating body work derailed his hopeless opponent through eight rounds on another “Gents Boksgala” fight card.

In July of last year, Fegatilli mustered up a close defeat to the highly-talented EBU champion Devis Boschiero. Many, many observers felt he won the fight-of-the-year grade encounter – but the judges scored it to the Veneto, Italy native.

Fegatilli has now gone 3-0 in his last three fights and 14-1 in his last fifteen. His auspicious future currently waits affront as he moves forward into a brand new chapter of his life.

Ermano Fegatilli is now just north of his 29th birthday – which took place on August 19th – only four days shy of his bout against Michael Escobar. While fight cancellations and opponent drop-outs have been troubling; he hopes to close this year and open 2014 with as much activity as possible. A substantial fight may be scheduled for January if he claims a “W” in his upcoming fight this October.

Instead of counting his blessings, Ermano will be taking charge with his workmanlike virtue in hopes of reaching his lifelong dream of becoming the first Belgian world champion. Fegatilli, currently recognized as a top twenty boxer at Super Featherweight, may be close to his wish.

Having held the EBU European Super Featherweight strap for a year-and-a-half, he gained much world level recognition and a firm rank amongst the World Boxing Council’s top ten. Fegatilli could be opening up their Super Featherweight tournament in January – pending negotiations. If he wins this tournament; he’ll be mandated to face whoever is the W.B.C. champion at the time — obtaining that ticket is going to be a daunting task, though.

More information will follow up on the matter in the coming months as it becomes known to Ermano Fegatilli and his team. For immedi

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