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Jeff “Left” Hook Lacy Remains Champ

By Michael Amakor – March 5, 2005

The Left Hook Express train remains unstoppable and still on the tracks as he brutalized an overmatched Rubin Williams signalling a warning to the boxing world that a new King has arrived determined to begin hostilities against all pretenders.

Referee Tony Weeks a veteran of many championship fights had seen enough at the end of the sixth round and halted the contest declaring a jubilant Jeff a Technical Knockout victory.

“I want Joe Calzaghe any time any place and on his own turf,” declared a blood thirsty, knuckle cracking Jeff Lacy immediately after the bout.

The Super Middleweight Division has not had a Unified King in distant memory and the other champions of the division better start stockpiling an arsenal of completed pushups and logged gym time if the want to cling onto their belts for much longer.

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