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Interview with Eromesele Albert; He fights Ossie Duran

Interview with Former IBA Continental light middleweight champion, “Bad Boy” Eromosele Albert (21-2) with 10KO’s

By Ike Enwereuzor

Two-time Nigerian Olympian and former IBA Continental Junnior Middleweight champion Eromosele “Bad Boy” Albert now residing in Miami, Florida will battle Ghana-native and former commonwealth light middleweight champion, Ossie Duran in a 12-round main event for the vacant IBF All-Africa Light middleweight belt on Tuesday September 23, 2008 at Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City.

Here is what the former olympian had to say about his upcoming fight….

Ike: What do you remember about your first pro fight?

Eromosele: I was so nervious, no headgear and I fought at light heavyweight and still won that fight. It was a good experience and different from amateur.

Ike: How was training camp for your upcoming fight with Ossie Duran on Sept 23 here in New York City?

Eromosele: Training camp was very good, we’re ready for this fight. It’s not just the fight but the cause is great. It is a benefit event to help my people back in Africa. I had no problem to sign the contract for this fight. We want to get involved and help Africa help poverty in Africa. I ask people to come out and enjoy entertainment coming out of Africa. It will be a great night of Boxing and music.

Ike: You’re originally from Nigeria but based in Florida now. What is your impression of your opponent Ossie Duran from Ghana?

Eromosele: Well, I have beaten a lot of Ghanaian boxers, they fight the same style. I beat Joshua Clottey in Commonwealth game in Canada as an amateur and I beat a few others too. I have no problem fighting Ghanaian boxer I’ll beat Ossie Duran easily. The fight the same way whether amateur or professional.

Ike: You mentioned that you beat Joshua Clottey, who is the current IBF welterweight champion as amateur, please tell us about that?

Eromosele: Joshua Clottey is a good fighter but I beat him on points 1994 on the commonwealth game in Canada. I’m happy for him.

Ike: What did you think of his fight with Zab Judah?
Eromosele: Like I said I am happy for him, most Africans will beat the American because the American fighters are not discipline.

Ike: You represented Nigeria twice in olympics 1996 and 2000. What can you tell us about that?

Eromosele: It was a good experience and exposure for me. I fought in a lot of games outside Nigeria, like commonwealth, All Africa game, Olympics and more. After the first time 1996, I had my experience then 2000, I was teammate with Samuel Peter in Sydney Australia. My fight was a draw but I was coming to get that Gold but it didn’t workout so I turn professional.

Ike: Talking about Samuel Peter, your fellow countryman. What is your thoughts on his upcoming fight with Vitali Klitschko?

Eromosele: He’s already in Germany, if he stays focus, he’ll have no problems to beat Vitali because Vitali hasn’t fought in a while and that ring rust will show but Peter have to stay on him.

Ike: Any predictions on the Hopkins-Pavilk fight coming up in October?

Eromosele: Bernard Hopkins has the best defense in the game I know he maybe older but only Kelly Pavilk wins is if he can put pressure on Hopkins. He always comes forward anyway he don’t know any better.

Ike: What can you tell us about your last fight?

Eromosele: It was a bad night for me and bad experience. My mother was sick and they told she may not make it, I don’t want to give excuse but I’ll just say it was his night and I want that rematch with James Scotland after I’m done with Ossie Duran and win the IBF Intercontinental junior middleweight belt. I really want to clean that after this fight Sept 23.

I want to thank the people of Fyre TV for all their support and sponsorship during my training camp for this fight. This company is so great and I’ll always thank them for all.

Ike: What’s your impression of the champions in your weight class?
Eromosele: They are good champions. I’ll love to fight them but I have to take care of Duran first and win the IBF Intercontienetal title on Sept 23 then we shall see what happens. I would love to fight Vernon Forrest or even Verno Phillip.

Ike: Which of your fights are the toughest?

Eromosele: I’ll say that my toughest fight will be my first 12 round fight for the IBA Continenental championship which I won against Dorian Beaupierre on point but I was a little nervous. The Yori boy Campas was tough too but I won also.

Any comment to your fans?

Eromosele: I’ll like to thank my fans for their support and like I said I want to thank Fyre TV so much. I want to invite Boxing fans and my Nigerian brothers and sisters also Africans as whole should come out and support the cause of this event and come experience a great Boxing and Music entertainment.

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