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Q & A With Bronco “Superman” McKart*

Q & A With Bronco “Superman” McKart*

Former WBO and IBA World Champion Bronco “Superman” McKart is set to fight Michie “The Mexican Sensation” Munoz for the Universal Boxing Organization World Middleweight title on Saturday, October 30, at Monroe High School in his hometown of Monroe, Michigan. McKart took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for ahead of this opportunity to become a three-time world champion.

Q: You are a former IBA and WBO World champion, and have fought at some of the most famous venues in the world such as Madison Square Garden in New York, The Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, The Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles and The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This will be your first world title fight in your hometown Monroe in more than twelve years. What does it mean to you to have the opportunity to win the UBO World Middleweight title in Monroe, and at the school where you graduated from in 1989?

Bronco McKart: It’s a dream come true! This means the world to me! My son Banyon is singing the National Anthem for my fight, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Q: Having boxed some of the biggest names in the game, Winky Wright, Raul Marquez, Kelly Pavlik, Roman Karmazin to name a few, who do you think is the best opponent you ever faced? Please rank the three best for me!

B.M: Aaron Davis, Winky Wright, and Kelly Pavlik. I could have said Winky, Winky and Winky! lol

Q: So far, what victory has meant the most to you?

B.M: My first World title fight against Santos Cardona! I promised my grandpa on his death bed I would win it and I did!

Q: How do you view your opponent on October 30, Michie Munoz?

B.M:  Tough, durable, and very rugged. I trained for a hard fight, left no stone unturned! It will show at the weigh-in and in the ring! I am prepared to win! Took no shortcuts, never cheated in training or my diet! I’m ready for this!

Q: If you are successful against Munoz, what are the long term goals for Bronco McKart? Being a true veteran who has tried it all, what will continue to motivate you should you become a three time world champion on the 30th?

B.M:  I want to defend my title, and fight other champions also! I want my children to see firsthand by example: Work hard, believe in yourself, and NEVER give up! And you will be successful at whatever you choose in life!

Q: As far as I know, you were with famous manager Jackie Kallen from the beginning of your professional career and for a long time throughout your career. How does Team McKart look these days?

B.M:  I still keep in touch with Jackie – love her to death! I’m self managed and work with an agent. My dad Gene has been with me since day one and will continue to train and help me along till the end, I also work with Keith Vining as my trainer.

Q: Please tell me how it came about that you turned professional back in 1992?

B.M:  I was 21 and it was time to get a job or go pro! I sat down with my dad and told him I wanted to turn pro. He asked one question, why? I said “to be World Champion”.  He said that if I would have given any other answer he would have suggested another line of work!

Q:  Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say in closing to your fans in Monroe and around the world?

B.M:  Thank you for all the years of wonderful support! October 30 will be a great night! I hope it’s the beginning to a wonderful end! Thank you, and God Bless!

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