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China joins the World Boxing Council

China joins the World Boxing Council

Report by Pepe Rodriguez/WBC
Photos by Tito Gonzalez/WBC

Yesterday, in an emotional ceremony attended by the president of the Chinese Boxing Federation, Liu Tao, and the Vicepresidents of the World Boxing Council, China has affiliated to the WBC. Certainly a very important event for the sport of boxing since big surprises from the Chinese fighters are expected.

General Kovid Bhakdibumi, after welcoming those present, expressed the importance to have Chinese boxing worldwide and recognized the quality of its fighters.

During the meeting, in a luxurious lounge of the Yanan Hotel in Shanghai, homage was paid to our dear president Don Jose Sulaiman with a beautiful video that showed interesting passages of his life, not only in boxing, but also related to his family.

At the end of the event, WBC Vice President Houcine Houichi, read the proclamation in which China was affiliated to our organization, one of the most important events in the history of boxing.

Thus, this great country will give a new direction to this great sport trying to meet or perhaps exceed the shows in Japan, Thailand and South Korea, among other Eastern countries.

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