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Playa del Carmen will host the “First Woman’s Boxing Convention”

Playa del Carmen will host the “First Woman’s Boxing Convention”

Report and photos by Pepe Rodriguez/WBC

Some of the topics to be discussed are: Better purses for the fighters, length of the round, number of rounds for title fights, etc.

WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman, has decided to create a tab fee to try to match working conditions for male and female fighters.

This will be one of the topics to be discussed at the “First-ever Woman’s Boxing Convention”, to be held from September 24 to 28 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

It is a fact that female fighters have never received the same treatment as their male counterparts in the sport, they just are not accepted and even rejected in the boxing gyms.

Today, Mauricio Sulaiman, is one of the few who intends to achieve best benefits for female fighters.

The first step will be that the Female World Champions have to earn at least a salary of $ 25,000 USD per fight.

Another issue is to avoid that title fights last over 10 rounds, and do not allow the rounds to last longer than two minutes.

It will also be talked about female fighters who take part in 4, 6 and 8-round bouts, as they are making less money and becoming victims of bad promoters who are only looking to take advantage of them.

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