Posted by MICHAEL AMAKOR on Dec 23, 2012
Beating Up on Food Craze from the UK

Beating Up on Food Craze from the UK

It has been reported that there is a fundraising craze in the UK featuring guys wearing old boxing gloves to punch up, beat up and pound on and through food to raise money for charities including filling donuts with jam and cream,digging through bowls of baked beans,apple sauce.syrup and rice pudding to find hidden tokens or crushing through cakes to find as many hidden prize discs, or just plain and simple trying to make food while wearing boxing gloves -its all part of the fun and apparently at the same time raises funds for certain charities.

And if you think, gosh, all that food being wasted, don’t worry because its often donated by supermarkets who use it as a way to get rid of expired stocks before it hits the dumpster while at the same time providing a good use for the food before it eventually been ditched in landfill time.

Look at this guy, kind of reminds me about Rocky pounding on frozen cow ribs in the rocky movie.


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4 Responses to “Beating Up on Food Craze from the UK”

  1. Marcus says:

    Looks brilliant,I’ve seen this kinda stunt done for a fundraising challenge,where the guys had to serve up as many plates of thanksgiving type foods as possible,but by only using boxing gloves,they’d got huge steel trays of food like you get on a high school servery,with mashed sweet potato,brocolli,pumpkin pie,cheese sauce,stuffing,turkey slices in a gross thick sludge-like gravy,cranberry sauce and canned cherries and cream,It was briliant to watch–times like these you realise that a pair of 16oz everlast protec gloves are ideal to serve up mash if you forget to pack a potato scoop–lol- hope you like big portions! LOL- great challenge though definitely post some more pics

  2. Kris says:

    WOW! Brilliant to see the uploads here-The guy in the shots looks amazing-A real toughie beating up the foods!
    The video of Roy Jones Jr trying to make sandwiches is also hilarious-the challenge he did ought to have been way more sloppier and messier by using cream cheese,butter,egg mayo sandwich filling etc.Looks like the British guys have a great concept with this idea for using cakes,as it makes such a great visual effect

  3. Dean A says:

    That looks brilliant fun, both in the Roy Jones boxing sandwiches challenge and in the guy busting thru Sara-Lee cakes. Can Fightkings set up a challenge or head-to-head of boxers to do some food-fighter challenges? That would be brilliant for the uploads.

  4. Sean says:

    Wow-That looks brilliant and very entertaining.I’ve seen this done recently with Anthony Pettis the MMA fighter pounding on a wedding cake- on this link: