Posted by Chief Scribe on Dec 20, 2010
Vote for FightKings Scribe

Vote for FightKings Scribe

Vote for George Hanson Jr. Esq

For Philadelphia Boxing Writer of the Year
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2 Responses to “Vote for FightKings Scribe”

  1. . .Awesome writer One of the best without a doubt!!!!!i been away for over 2 years in another country …if i want 2 know whats going on In boxing …I Read one of his articles (. . seems like i was there (@ the Fights)( ….Great Mr.Hanson JR

  2. Devon Johnson says:

    I met Mr. Hanson a number of years ago in Philadelphia, at which time we were members of an accounting firm. His academic achievement in disciples of law and accounting makes him uniquely qualified as one of the most dominant forces in business development, particularly in the sport of boxing. He is truly a remarkable individual and will provide an indelible immpression on young boxers under his guidance and mentorship.

    Devon Johnson,MBA