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Legends Pack, Bare Knuckles Mode, Alternate Weight Class Boxers, and more!

Legends Pack, Bare Knuckles Mode, Alternate Weight Class Boxers, and more!

Fight Night Champion DLC Details

You’ve been playing Fight Night Champion day-in and day-out for the past month with the demo and the full game and though you can’t get enough, you want more!  Well, you’ll only have a few more days to wait as a new batch of Downloadable Content will be making their way to the Fight Night Store. 

The DLC will be released on March 29th worldwide on XBOX 360, and for PS3 users the DLC will be available on March 29th in North America/Japan and on March 30th in Europe.  Here are the details:
DLC:  Heavyweight Legends Pack

The Heavyweight Legends Pack for 800 MS Points or $10 will include 5 of the all-time greatest boxers ever to step into the ring.  Alongside the boxers in this DLC Pack we will also include the Bare Knuckle Boxing Pack at no charge.  If you choose to go without the boxers and only want the Bare Knuckles Boxing Pack, you can download it for only 320 MS Points or $4.

·         Jack Johnson

·         Jack Dempsey

·         Rocky Marciano

·         Joe Louis

·         Floyd Patterson

·         Bare Knuckle Boxing Pack


·         800 MS Points/$10.00 for all items.

·         160 MS Pts/$2.00 for each boxer
DLC:   Bare Knuckles Boxing Pack

·         Bare Knuckle Offline Play Now

·         Play against opponent with traditional rules or choose the new Old School Rules.

·         Old School Rules mimics the way people used to box before the establishment of the Marques’s of Queensbury Rules. The fight is not divided into timed rounds, instead, the boxers only return to their corners for a break when one boxer is knocked down. Also, there is no judging and the winner is determined by the last man standing. Old School Rules is only available for Offline games.

·         Bare Knuckle Online Ranked/Unranked/OWC

·         The usual quick play online mode. Ranked games are tracked against separate Bare Knuckles leaderboards.

·         Bare Knuckle Online World Championships

·         Complete with separate leaderboards, belts and awards.  Bare Knuckles OWC mode allows players to climb through the ranks to become the Champ.


·         320 MS Pts/$4.00 for Bare Knuckles Boxing Pack
DLC :  Alternate Weight Class Pack

You’ve asked for them and you got them.  We’ve also created some licensed boxers in alternate weight classes as many in our community have requested.  From a Featherweight Manny Pacquiao to a Middleweight Bernard Hopkins, for 80 MS Points or $1, you can download all 8 boxers listed below.

·         Featherweight Manny Pacquiao

·         Lightweight Manny Pacquiao

·         Lightweight Oscar De La Hoya

·         Middleweight Roy Jones Jr

·         Middleweight Bernard Hopkins

·         Welterweight Roberto Duran

·         Middleweight Thomas Hearns

·         Welterweight Pernell Whitaker


·         80 MS/$1.00 for all boxers

There will also be additional content that we know you’ll all love so stay tuned for that!

Please note that within Bare Knuckles mode not all boxers have agreed to have their virtual selves duke it out sans gloves.  These boxers will not be available for use in Bare Knuckles mode:

·         Muhammad Ali

·         Mike Tyson

·         Oscar De La Hoya

·         George Foreman

·         Joe Frazier

·         Ray Leonard

·         Evander Holyfield

·         Roberto Duran

·         Vitali Klitschko

·         Wladimir Klitschko

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