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Well 2012 is here, and boxing is as busy and as exciting as ever, and I am not talking about over hyped super fights, if you don’t believe me how do you explain reality TV star Snooki promoting a fight card in Atlantic City, and we even had a fight for the Pennslvania Heavyweight title featured on NBC along with a strong undercard that thoroughly excited the screaming fans in attendance at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, and make sure to check out and bookmark our fight schedule page and be amazed at how many posters, for these small cards “closet classics” we post that you may hear about but never get to see because you can’t watch them on premium TV, in keeping with our mantra as the home of all boxing champions. Please make sure to listen to the last episode of FightKings Radio where we discuss the Great fights from 2011. Please send your comments and any suggestions for the next episode to the [email protected] Like our Facebook page to receive fight updates and please spread the punches of FightKings. We need your support. Thanks for visiting! – 01/30/12

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