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Oliveira won’t Back Down, Boxing Noise!

Oliveira won’t Back Down, Boxing Noise!

Arizona Boxing News & Notes
By Don Smith | Published May 28, 2014Boxing Fans,

The full details are incomplete (hey, it’s boxing), but the “Redemption under the Tent” boxing show scheduled for Sunday, July 6 in Calgary, Alberta at the popular Roadhouse Night Club intrigues me. Two possible boxing nuggets caught my attention from the press release: the return of Janks Trotter (7-1-1) to the ring vs. tough Phil Rose (5-3-1) in what should be a 158 lb. slugfest and the debut of highly regarded Alex Rynn vs. Kent “the Bullet” Brown disciple Kyle Oliveira (4 rounds) from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Hours before I hit the send button on this version of my weekly column, popular US Super middleweight Andrew Hernandez called to tell me, he would be on the card. In total, 3 boxing contests and 3 MMA matches. It should be a rocking tent under the Roadhouse in Calgary..

Kyle Oliveira (2-1 MMA record) started with kickboxing at age 13 and eventually adding to fighting menu by taking up Jiu-Jitsu at the same age (Purple Belt) and then wrestling at 16 and boxing at age 18. He doesn’t think participating in MMA and boxing professionally will pose a problem, but few athletes have pursued double sports, simultaneously with a great amount of success. American Superstar Bo Jackson excelled in football (Oakland Raiders) and baseball (Kansas City Royals) so maybe Kyle knows what Bo knew: it’s possible!

Oliveira, Brazilian descent, enters the ring with an amateur record of 13-2; rather green compared to Alex Rynn’s gaudy 90-3 won & loss slate He hasn’t faced any of the same opponents encountered, but in the immortal words of rock n roll legend Tom Petty: he “won’t back down”. Coach Kent Brown says he is one special kid. Of course, that is exactly what a veteran journalist expects a coach to say about the majority of his or her pupils?

His schedule and the cost of international calls persuaded me to ask him about conducting an interview through emails and he consented. Fan Base, promoter of the show sent me his telephone number, but I could never get past a voice mail message recorded by his 15 year old sister, Kallee. The third member of the competitive siblings is 16 year old brother, Brady.

Here is a carefully selected and cautiously edited sampling from the questions forwarded to the 23 year older boxer who possesses the confidence of a possible future champion. His words are his words except for one or two grammatical corrects. I am not perfect either.

ABNN: Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you fighting Alex Rynn at 130 on July 6 in Calgary which is heavier than your normal fight weight?

KO: Yes, we are fighting at 130, not my weight class. I’m a flyweight (125) and we (Team Oliveira) asked for 128 to meet him halfway, but his team didn’t see it our sway, so we are fighting at 130.
ABNN: You’re a 3-1 fighter: Boxing, MMA and kick boxing, are there performers in each of the 3 sports that you enjoy or enjoyed watching?

KO: In boxing, it’s Juan Manuel Marquez, Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran and Canelo is ok…that’s it-LOL. MMA fighter: Jose Aldo. Kick Boxing: Tyrone Spong, Ramon Dekkers.

ABNN: Award winning boxer and coach Kent Brown played pivotal role in your life and career, can you name others whom you feel deserve credit for your success?

KO: 4 people come to mind. Curtis Brigham my MMA coach/manager and my brother and sister (Brady and Kallee). One man who is like a father to me is Rodrigo Munduruca. If it wasn’t for him, I would have quit my career. I owe Rodrigo a lot.

ABNN: Aside from adopting a rigorous physical regimen; how do you prepare mentally for a bout?
KO: Simple, I mediate and visualize a lot; I even visit a sports physiologist at times.

ABNN: If you lose to Alex Rynn on July 6 in Calgary at the Roadhouse, what’s next for you?

KO: I’m not going to lose! I said I’m a fighter; I got MMA fights lined up this fall and boxing too. I’m not going to lose.

ABNN: Alex Rynn will read this column; do you have a message for him?

KO: I have great respect for Alex, great fighter. I would like to thank him and Fan Base Promotions for the opportunity to fight on July 6 under the tent at the Roadhouse in Calgary. I have fought in Calgary before and it is a great province for boxing. I know that both of us will train hard and put on great performances for the fans.

ABNN: Kyle, thank you for your time and candid remarks.

KO: Thank you for allowing me to talk to boxing fans.

Tickets for the “Redemption under the Tent” Show at the Roadhouse in Calgary on July 6 can purchase them at the Roadhouse, online at or by calling 403-926-0269. Please don’t buy any from three fingers Larry.

Doors will open at 5 p.m. and the after party celebration is free to anyone attending the fight. Special thanks to the following sponsors: Rocky Mountain Coring and Cutting, Pyramid Interiors, DHD INC. and Trinity Boxing. Call the Roadhouse for directions at 403-398-7624. The after party features a Top notch DJ and the famous and entertaining Fan Base Ring Girls.

Hernandez Responds: Super Middleweight Andrew “Hurricane” Hernandez called to explain why he didn’t fight Lanell Bellows on May 3 In Las Vegas (Mayweather card) as advertised by his publicist and Andrew himself. Andrew said he signed a contract to fight Bellows for 4 rounds, but that document was torn up because the powers to be promised a 6 round bout with Bellows; however, Andrew (his side of the story) was never presented the 6 round contract and Bellows would fight Thomas Gifford, a less experienced foe who didn’t go past the second round. Hernandez feels like he was betrayed and the 28 year old (6-0-1) vows to be more careful when negotiating with agents and match makers. He hopes to fight in June and July.

Central Boxing Tournament: On May 24, I was a guest at the Central Gym Smoker and I watched the majority of 11 fights. Here are the names of the winners and their respective gyms. Special thanks to Richard Soto, Central Gym Manager Tom Garcia and boxing gal pal Susan Hernandez for treating me so kindly. Sorry, the bout sheets weren’t legible, but nothing comes easy in Boxing. Congratulations!
Robert Meriwether (Knockout Gym) Daniel Fowler (Hook City) Diego Lagona (Fuentes Boxing) Julian Rodriguez (Scrap Yard Boxing) Julian Lopez (Central Boxing) Kevin Morales (Hard Knocks Boxing) Javier Luzanilla (Central Boxing) Ruben Gonzalez (Central Boxing) Diego Rodriguez (Hard Knocks) Clifford Jordan (Driven Boxing)

Next scheduled boxing tournament will be held at the Kroc Corps Community Center (Saturday May 31) located at 13 75 E. Roadway Road in Phoenix, Arizona. Ticket prices range from $6.00 for KROC members to $10.00 for non-members. Doors open at 1 p.m. and a purchased ticket will afford boxing fans an opportunity to watch up to 32 bouts. Coach Irving Marquez told me to expect 4-5 representatives from Hard Knocks Boxing where he works with boys and girls of various ages.

Boxing Noise: I can only tease you with a tale that was told to me with the promise that I couldn’t mention names. Let’s call him or her boxer X. Boxer X fought on a recent show in Colorado with the stipulation that he or she sell event tickets and pay for part of opponent’s purse. When it came time to turn in the money from the ticket sales, he or she put it in their pocket and left the venue without a word spoken or a charge filed. The promoter is making it clear that the boxer will no longer work his or her shows.

More Noise: There is some buzz about Top Rank Boxing coming to Phoenix to promote a show at the Celebrity Theatre on July 26. Not a done deal; still talking. Top Rank holds paper on two Arizona fighters: Jose Benavidez and Trevor McCumby. Sounds logical for Top Rank to showcase the two highly prized prospects in their own backyard. Don’t go out and buy tickets just yet.

Last Jabs: 21 year old Luis Olivares is back sparring (lightly) at Busted Knuckle Gym after nursing his left hand with ice and Epsom salts. Luis is waiting for MRI results, but he thinks the problem might be less severe than previously thought…….Heavyweight Eddie Martinez Jr. is excited about his upcoming June 5 boxing debut at the Phoenician Resort. He promises to call me with the result ASAP! Until Next Time!

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