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July 2nd 2014.

In 1968 under the leadership of Jim Deskin, from Nevada, and Honorary Lifetime WBC President, Jose Sulaiman, the North American Boxing Federation was founded.

It’s one of the most important federations in boxing which is in charge of sanctioning professional boxing matches for: Canada, United States and Mexico.

The goals have always been to look for and discover great boxers throughout the North American Region, and hard work, which has developed a great regional Federation, that is now, one of the most important that have ever existed in professional boxing.

The first members of the NABF were: California, Mexico, and Nevada with Oregon and some time later Washington.

The first fight sanctioned by the NABF was the Leotis Martin and Sonny Liston bout on June 12th 1969. Martin was losing on points, but he threw a devastating punch to win the Title. However, he had to relinquish his championship after a few months, because it was detected that he suffered a detached retina in that fight.

Among the best NABF champions, we can point to hierarchy of brillance including: Muhammad Ali, Marco Antonio Barrera, Mike Ayala, Lucien Bute, Hector “Macho” Camacho, Donald Curry, George Foreman, Vernon Forrest, Ray Mancini, Terry Norris, Erik Morales, Ken Norton, Michael Nunn, Kelly Pavlik, Pernell Whitaker, Daniel Zaragoza, Brian Viloria, Nonito Donaire and Antonio Tarver….among many others!

Those who’ve led the NABF are : Bill Houston, Jim Deskin, Jose Sulaiman, Jimmy Rondeau, Robert Shields, Bob Turley, Bob Busse, Jack Davis, Jean-Guy Prescott, Bobby Lee, Sam Macias, Dick Cole, Mario Latraverse, Claude Jackson, Rex Walker, Joe Dwyer and now Duane Ford, who assumed the charge last year

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